Thursday, 29 August 2013

Love Me Beauty Box | July 2013

I've only recently discovered the wonders of the beauty box.  I did not know such things existed until I entered the beauty blogger world.  What is a beauty box?  Basically, it's a box (well duh) delivered to your door on a monthly basis.  The Beauteco box (now called Love Me Beauty) contains 4 - 5 samples and/or full sized products from both well known and up and coming companies.  The great thing is is that you often get products that haven't even been released to the public yet and they are fantastic value for money.

Beautifully packaged and wrapped


The contents

Monday, 26 August 2013

Bank Holiday Wants / Wishlist

Hello everyone. I hope you are having a relaxing bank holiday. So far I've been walking the dogs and washing my sisters retriever with the hose in the garden. All this after spending the morning ringing all the Primark stores within a 40 mile radius to see if they have something I'm desperate for... They didn't! :'(  I think I'm due for a shower but I think I'll put it off until I've ran.

Anyway... There are quite a few things I really want to try so thought I'd share my current few wants with you.  

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Total Treat Argan Oil, Phil Smith - Review

Total Treat Argan Oil, Phil Smith
Total Treat Argan Oil, Phil Smith
I have never been one to use oil in my hair.  The thought alone is rather intimidating.  However, when I came across a 50ml sample of Phil Smiths Total Treat Argan Oil, I really wanted to try it as it is a cream rather than an oil.  I'm so glad I did, and it was really easy to use too.  It seems that I'm forever ignoring products only for one to come my way to discover that actually I love it.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Tummy Fix, Nip+Fab -Review

Tummy Fix, Nip + Fab
Tummy Fix, Nip + Fab
I have heard a lot of rave reviews about the brand Nip+Fab and have since been eager to try.  I was fortunate enough to find this product in a £9 gift set from TK Maxx (bargain!) which included Bust Fix and Dry Leg Fix which I swiftly sold as it was the Tummy Fix I was desperate for and certainly did not want to branch out £19.25 just to try it.  I must say, I am very glad I did not pay for this product alone because quite simply, out of the many ‘toning’ products I have used, this is by far the worst (and potentially most expensive).  Yes boys and girls, this review is actually a negative one.

I did not buy this product expecting miracles.  I workout frequently and have a good diet.  Abs come from hard work and dedication, not a bottle.  However, I still buy these products as I like to think I'm getting something extra in my daily moisturiser.  Every little helps right?

Upon using the product, I felt no difference.  My torso area was no more moisturised than it is from regular lotion. I would even go as far to say that is was less moisturised and instead coated with a slow drying sticky gel which scent bordered on average to unpleasantly chemically.  I am very habitual in my routine.  I would wake up, dry body brush, apply Tummy Fix and wait for it to dry before getting dressed.  I did this almost every day until the tube ran dry.  Nip+Fab states “uses a revolutionary formula to improve skin tone + texture around the abdominal area… with active ingredients to promote elasticity, sculpt, hydrate…” so I was obviously expecting results.  Not ripped washboard abs, but maybe a subtle tightening feeling, a little tingle, a slight sheen perhaps, just anything!  So I persevered and saw it through to the end as I thought maybe after continuous use of beyond 6 weeks I would start to feel/see a difference.  I was wrong.

It certainly did not live up the the hype and you are better off buying products that are a 5th of the price which actually give results.

Any positive points? Well, the packaging is pretty and because I sold the two additional products it came with, I made a profit.  If I had realised that people would pay so much for such an inferior product, I would have stocked up and made a small fortune.  Tummy Fix?  Tummy Flop!

Have you used any Nip+Fab products before?  If so, were you equally disappointed?  What are the most disappointing products you've used?

Helen x

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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Floating Island Bath Melt, Lush - Review

Floating Island Luxury Bath Melt, Lush
Floating Island Luxury Bath Melt, Lush

I first fell in love with Lush after receiving one of their many beautifully packaged gift boxes in 1999 but it wasn't until 2007 that I discovered the delights of the Floating Island Bath Melt.

As a lover of baths (and Lush), I tend to choose my Lush products by scent alone and Floating Island is one that does not stand out in this department. It has an extremely delicate sandalwood and cocoa aroma and as for its appearance, it is very plain in both colour and shape. As such, it is easily overlooked by all the other colourful, fragrant, flamboyant products which seem to scream ‘Pick me! Pick me!’.

So how did I end up with a product that could well have been forgotten at the back of a staff room cupboard for all the consideration I gave it? Quite simply, I got it for free during one stock-up in Lush Swansea. It was coming up to its use by date so they wanted to get rid of it.

Due to my preconception of the plainness of this product, I was not expecting anything special. The smell was much stronger out of the heavily scented shop and it has fast become one of my favourites. This is not the reason why I am infatuated. I love it because no other bath bomb, bubble bar or melt from any company has given me such soft skin as this one has. No moisturiser was needed post-bath which was a first. I was silky smooth and covered in such a wonderful scent that lasted the rest of the day and the following.

This item currently costs £4.15. Some may say this is too much, but for a luxury product that uses the finest fair trade ingredients which are not tested on animals at all during the whole process, it is worth every penny and I have since treated myself to several more.

I must note that this is a luxury bath melt, not a bubble bar. Do not expect bubbles or wonderful fizzing action. This product is designed to turn your water into a purely indulgent milk-type bathing experience. If Cleopatra had the choice between milk and a Floating Island, Lush would win hands down.

Unfortunately my nearest Lush is 30 miles away and I am very overdue for a haul. Have you ever used any of their luxury bath melts? What is you all time favourite Lush product?

Helen x

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