The Malvern Spa, Worcester -Review

A short while back, my sisters and I paid a visit to The Malvern Spa, located in the beautiful Malvern hills of Worcestershire (The Queen drinks the water from these hills).  Our spa day package included full use of the spa facilities, a light lunch and a treatment each.

Firstly I used the very well equipped gym where I was overwhelmed with fit people.  An odd thing to notice at a gym I know but back home my gym was full of “average” gym-users.  The people I saw here were talking about how often they do ultra-marathons and sprint up the local hills before breakfast.  There was even a lady in a corner casually doing very advanced yoga poses.  I was impressed and very envious but seeing these people was a great motivator to my own personal fitness.

In the actual spa bit, there is a beautifully decorated 20m pool that leads outside to several hydrotherapy stations where you are massaged by bubbles of different pressures and locations.  You are free to swim between them as you wish and to stop and chat so all very relaxing albeit on the small side.  Whilst our trip was during the day, the spa remains open in the evening so I can only imagine how tranquil it would be to swim in the starlight.
Back inside there are a range of hot and cold facilities, including a tower of crushed ice that you can rub over your body to invigorate or to close your pores after relaxing in one of their two special saunas, the crystal steam room or salt grotto.  There are also built in foot spas to use and vast seating and lounging areas for you to relax, chat and read on.

For lunch I had a large bowl of freshly made sweet potato soup with wholemeal bread and pineapple juice.  I couldn’t fault it.  The service was quick and the food was hot, delicious and not overly filling.  Something I was worried about before receiving my first ever massage.  I chose the Malvern spa back, neck & shoulder massage as part of the package but I also had an additional ESPA full body salt and oil scrub.  I was made to feel very comfortable – laying on your front in a dimmed room with nothing on but paper pants can be quite daunting but I need not have worried.  I was directed to the shower and left alone to wash the salt off before receiving my back, neck and shoulder massage where I was allowed to select the essential oils.  I left very pleased, soft, exfoliated and needless to say, relaxed.

For my first ever massage and total spa experience, The Malvern Spa did a fantastic job.  I would happily go again and highly recommend it to both spa newbies and spa veterans.  I’m on their mailing list where they often email me with tempting offers.  I just wish it was my birthday coming up.

Have you ever been to The Malvern Spa?  What did you think?  Would you recommend it?

Helen x

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3 thoughts on “The Malvern Spa, Worcester -Review

  • September 25, 2013 at 7:10 pm

    The crushed ice tower sounds interesting. I can't handle steam/hot water well, I would probably just cooled off with this 🙂

    • September 25, 2013 at 8:23 pm

      It was certainly different. I did not mention in my post but there is also a 'Bucket Shower'. This is basically a bucket that fills with cold water, you tug a cord and ta-daa, it tips all over you. I much preferred the ice tower as you could "control" it (AKA, I'm a big coward).

    • September 26, 2013 at 7:02 am

      'Bucket Shower' sounds more like something from a dare show or maybe a prank show 🙂


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