Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Bathroom Staples 01 - Body Butter

Everyone has their bathroom staples and I want to tell you about some of my all time favourites. This edition is all about the Marks & Spencer range of body butters.
Pomegranate Body Butter, Marks & Spencer
Pomegranate Body Butter, Marks & Spencer
I have tried many body butters and lotions in the past and I can honestly say that the Marks & Spencer range is the best I've used.  After applying, my skin is left lightly fragrant, conditioned and soft which is exactly what I want.  Not only that, but they are BUAV approved which is just fantastic.

In the past I read good reviews about another certain popular high street retailers brand of body butters so I purchased one and received another as a birthday present.  On both occasions they left my skin very greasy - not pleasant, and the smell changed undesirably on my skin.  This is most definitely not the case with Marks & Spencer's sublime body butters which smell heavenly in the tub and on your skin.  I will definitely be staying loyal from now on.

They cover a variety of fragrances to suite all tastes and they are often on offer so you don't have to pick just one.  I currently own Pomegranate and Comforting Shea and have a few others on my Christmas Wishlist.  Whilst they smell really nice, they are not at all overpowering.  You are left with a subtly perfumed skin that is hydrated and fresh looking.  Applying body butter after showering and bathing has now become a habit.  There is nothing nicer than waking up in the morning after applying body butter the night before and having silky soft nourished skin.

Have you tried any Marks & Spencer body butters?  What are some of your bathroom staples?

Helen x

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