Really Good Hair Oil, Fushi – Review

Really Good Hair Oil, Fushi*

Party season is almost over.  We ate and drank too much and frazzled our hair with blow dryers, hair straighteners and curling tongs.  Well fear not.  Whilst I cannot cure your hangover, I can help restore your hair to it’s former pre-Christmas glory with the help of some Really Good Hair Oil from Fushi.

A while ago I received a bottle of this hair oil and to be honest, it took me a while to take the plunge and try it.  I’ve used a creamy hair oil and coconut oil in my hair several times before, but never a ‘proper’ hair oil.  I followed the instructions and rubbed some into my scalp before bed.  So far I’ve been using it roughly once every 2 weeks and my hair has remained extremely soft and free from split ends.  Twice now I’ve applied it before bed, gone for a run in the morning and then washed it out.

It has an oddly pleasant sweet aroma and I could definitely smell the argan oil and jasmin.  It is an olive green colour and easy to wash off your hands after application.

It is completely natural and full of certified organic oils such as sesame seed, coconut, avacado, sweet almond and Moroccan argan, as well as triple infused organic brahmi serum.  It also contains vitamin E so if your hair has been neglected and undernourished recently, this will give it a good nutrient boost.  Something we all need right now.

My mum and partner have also tried Really Good Hair Oil and are also fans despite my partner having very short shaved hair.  I’ll have to make sure I hide the remainder.  Any scepticism about hair oils I had before this product have been wiped and I intend on adding oil it to my haircare routine for the foreseeable future.

Have you tired any Fushi products before?  What are your favourite hair oils?

Helen x

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