Friday, 29 August 2014

Fleabag Friday | Alfie

Beautiful land-dwelling reptilian post today. I love reptiles. Ever since holding a snake when I was 11. They are just so cute. Anyway meet Alfie, Lauren from The Naily Mail's very own tortoise!
Name, age, and breed? Alfie, 6 years old, Russian Horsefield Tortoise (I think!).

How did you get Alfie? Alfie was given to us by my step-dad's friend as she was not allowed pets in her rented house. He was soooo small when we first got him! We've had him for about 5 years now. 

Does Alfie do anything funny? Alfie is an enthusiastic traveller, he often disappears and goes on 'holiday' for months at a time (lucky thing!). We put him out in the garden and even though you think tortoises are slow so you can keep your eye on them, Alfie is pretty speedy and before you know it he's disappeared. A few years ago we found him in the garden of the person that lives all the way over on the opposite side of the field by our house. This was when we had had really deep snow, and we were amazed to find him alive, never mind find him at all (my brothers accidentally found him as they kicked their ball into the person's garden so went to  get it and found him!). He had holes in his shell as though a bird had been pecking at him, but he has recovered well.  Here are some pictures of Alfie returning from his holidays (usually covered in mud). We once found him in my dog's kennel (I don't know why it took us so long to find him!).
What does Alfie enjoy doing? He loves going in the garden. He now goes in the rabbit run with my rabbits so he doesn't run away again! Here they are sharing their lunch of leaves and grass. They all get on really well! Other than that he doesn't tend to do much, apart from climb on top of things in his tank and move them around.

What is Alfie's favourite food? He has a few different ones; cherry tomatoes, rocket leaves, and dandelions.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Alfie! :)


If you are interested in taking part in my Flea-Bag Friday series, please get in touch. All pets are welcome. Fish, frogs, donkeys, dogs, etc. Just comment below or send a tweet @teainthetub

Depending on the the response I get, I will be turning this into a competition where readers can vote on their favourite pet and the pet with the most votes will be sent some treats in the post.

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  1. This is my favourite of your fleabag Friday series, a tortoise that plays with rabbits!! I love both of those species and wish I had some of my own. I really wish I had a pet, I'd love to take part in this.
    Aimée Belle

  2. Oh my gosh I love this series and that tortoise is ADORABLE I used to be obsessed iwth my aunties one and now I want one all over again xxxx

    Blonde of Carbs