Thursday, 28 August 2014

Uplift Body Wash & Body Lotion, Seascape - Review

Seascape Island Apothecary Uplift Body Wash & Lotion, and Sooth Sleep Oil
Seascape Island Apothecary Uplift Body Wash & Lotion, and Sooth Sleep Oil*
When Seascape Island Apothecary got in contact offering me to try something from their range, it didn't take me long to choose the Uplift Body WashOne of my favourite scents is eucalyptus. It reminds me of being all snuggly and warm sucking on cough sweets. You can be all bunged up but one whiff of eucalyptus will clear your sinuses.

Uplift Body Wash is made with 100% natural essential oils and Jersey eucalyptus and lavender. Relaxing lavender with uplifting eucalyptus seemed an unusual coupling so I couldn't wait to get in the shower. I was hit with the POW that comes with eucalyptus but then soothed by the lavender. I wasn't the only one who enjoyed using this shower gel, the whole household did! After sweaty exercise, the eucalyptus was refreshingly welcoming so it was a pleasure to use. It was also a nice bedtime treat as the lavender aromas calm without being so strong that they knock you out. I had a cold for a few days so this was the only shower gel that I could smell!

Uplift Body Wash
Uplift Body Wash
Uplift Body Lotion
Uplift Body Lotion

The generous people of Seascape also sent me the matching Uplift Body Lotion. This left my skin soft and was easy to apply with a pump built into the bottle. The scent was not overpowering, simply letting the aroma linger long enough to be enjoyed without being overwhelming. Like all good body lotions, my knees and elbows which are sometimes dry were left soft and moisturised. The lotion itself was runny enough to easily smooth all over your body without being so liquidy that it drip everywhere. A perfect consistency.

I was pleased and disappointed at the same time with their packaging. The design is simplistic and pretty. I think the seahorse on their packaging is beautiful. The way the box opened was not what I was expecting and something I would expect from such a luxury product. However I found the packaging to be excessive. The bottles were in a box which I would deem more than enough but the boxes also had a clear plastic wrap which I did not think was necessary. I think Seascape could reduce waste and help save our beautiful environment by eliminating the plastic wrap. Your products are wonderful enough without it all.

Their newest product Uplift Sea Salt Body Scrub is on my want list as body scrubs are one of my favourite body products and I already know that I'll adore the scent.

What are your favourite smells? Have you tried any Seascape products?

Helen x

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*PR supplied product


  1. I'm a fan of the range and love the pretty packaging but agree they could lose the plastic wrap/boxes x

    1. For me that was the only letdown. The actual product and design are really nice,

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