Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Bathroom Staples 04 - Eye Cream

It's been a long time since my last Bathroom Staples post and this one I've been looking forward to writing for a long time: Eye cream!
Eye creams
Eye creams

I never used to use eye creams until I was 23. I worked in an office and being sat at a computer all day every day I started to notice that I kept rubbing my eyes. I'm paranoid and swear I read somewhere that if you keep touching the delicate skin around your eyes, you'll get wrinkles so I knew it was time to investigate this whole eye cream malarky.

There are cruelty free eye creams to suit all budgets and skin types. One of the first I tried was Soap & Glory You Won't Believe Your Eyes. It's great if you missed out on your daily sleep requirement as it contains light reflecting particles, disguising the evidence of the night before your lack of sleep. It has 3 little ball bearings with distribute the serum under your eyes. This is really cooling and nice feeling. Apparently this helps with puffiness.

Another I picked up because it was super cheap was Superdrug Vitamin E SPF 15 Radiance Eye Cream which was disappointing as it left white residue around my eyes even when very little was applied. The same day I also grabbed Boots Vitamin E Gentle Eye Cream SPF 15 (a girl can never have too many creams). The actual cream has a pinky skin colour to it but this doesn't affect your skin when it is applied so would work well with any skin tone/colour. I really like that it has SPF in so that sensitive skin area is protected.

Melvita Naturalift is my current favourite. I find it works well with my skin and is really softening plus it's certified organic so the ingredients are definitely good for your skin. This sample lasted me longer than I expected and I really want to try more from Melvita now. I will have to see if they do any other eye creams with SPF in.

What are your favourite eye creams? What beauty products do you use to protect your skin?

Helen x

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  1. These look great - I really like vitamin e creams, the body shop does a great one! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. Ooooh I have only just started using eye creams too, better late than never hey! I love the Melvita one, want to try the boots one now xxx


    1. I will have to buy more of the Melvita now that mine has ran out. Good stuff.

  3. OK. I'm quite paranoid as well and do have a tendency to rub my eyes every 20 seconds. I used to use eye cream, intermittently, but realize how important it is. What I do now is, dip a little teensy bit of coconut oil and use it as eye cream.

    Super cheap, natural and dead convenient as I have tubs of it at home. And it's very hydrating and doesn't lead to irritation. At least for me!

    Tiff | AMtoPM

    1. What a good idea. I actually have a pot of coconut oil so week try that out.