Cedarwood & Pine soap, Ruth Romano – Review

Cedarwood & Pine soap, Ruth Romano
Cedarwood & Pine soap, Ruth Romano*

Ruth Romano sent me this soap to review and what a coincidence. Cedarwood and pine are perhaps my two favourite smells. I live in a forest so they remind me of home.

The packaging is simple and eco friendly as it’s fully recyclable. On the bottom of the soap, the label states: “A natural olive oil and shea butter based soap with the fresh fragrance of cedarwood and pine and exfoliating poppy seeds.” Knowing this soap doesn’t contain hidden nasty ingredients like your local shops soap is really good to know. A natural, mild soap make in the UK so smiles all round.

Originally this Cedarwood & Pine soap lived in the soap dish by the bathroom sink. However the poppy seeds were far too rough for this to be a hand soap so instead it got promoted to the shower and became a body buffer. When I exfoliate, I like to do it properly. I do not like products containing pointlessly small “exfoliating” balls that you can barely feel. Ruth Romano’s soap can certainly be felt and in a very good way. Not only was I thoroughly smoothed, I was also clean and delightfully scented. I could not really smell the pine which was disappointing but I was expecting it to smell like the little pine trees you hang in cars. 
Cedarwood & Pine soap, Ruth Romano

I’d like to try more of Ruth‘s soaps in the future but would pick one which didn’t contain seeds so that I could wash my hands properly with it.

Have you tried any Ruth Romano products? What kind of soap do you like?

Helen x

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