Sunday, 21 December 2014

How to Not Get Jetlag

How to Not Get Jetlag
Jetlag is a part of travel that everyone has to deal with right? Wrong! Im lucky enough to say that I've travelled the world twice and avoided jetlag merrily on the way.

It's very easy in theory. Set your watch to your destinations time as soon as possible. If it's night time there, sleep. Even if everyone on the plane is awake and the sun is shining, sleep. The same applies the other was round. If it's daytime at your destination but currently dark where you are and everyone is sleeping, STAY AWAKE! Basically set your body clock to your destinations time.

On a recent flight to New York from Gatwick I departed at 6.30pm UK time and was due to land 9.15pm local time so I knew that I'd have to stay awake during the 8 hour flight and sleep when I got to my hotel, waking up with the New Yorkers fresh as a daisy.
It was hard. I ended up being awake for 22 hours and when I finally got into my bed at 11pm, I was absolutely zonked. Was it worth it? Totally! I woke up at 8am bright eyed, bushy tailed and ready for breakfast.
A couple of weeks later I flew from San Francisco to Sydney with a 15 hour layover in Manila. Total travel time: 38 hours! I landed in Sydney just after 9am, met some guys in the afternoon and went partying with them that night. When I told people it was my first day in Aus, they were all amazed that I wasn't tucked up in bed. I felt completely fine due to drinking loads of goon following my own advice.
Nearly there
Nearly there
So yeah, honestly it can be hard staying awake (or sleeping when its light) but for me this beats wasting days of my holiday in bed getting over the jetlag so I'd really recommend you at least try it once.

Do you have any tricks to avoid jetlag? Any other travel hacks you have to share?

Helen x

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  1. I definitely agree you need to adjust as soon as you get on the plane! I do London-Sydney quite a bit which leaves at 9pm so I do find it hard not to sleep on the first flight, but to sleep on the second (as you arrive at 6am). I also recommend just drinking crazy amounts of water, I stay so hydrated on flights, I may need the loo pretty frequently but I feel so much better when I get there! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. Make sure you request an aisle seat haha. Hydration is super important. I also stretch in the aisles. I don't mind looking a bit stupid on a plane.