Monday, 12 January 2015

Space Girl Bath Ballistic, Lush - Review

Space Girl, Lush
Space Girl, Lush
Space Girl, Lush
It had been almost 2 months since my last bath and I was just over half way through a 2 week camping roadtrip of the South West of Australia. Before I departed, I visited Lush and grabbed a Space Girl ballistic which I hadn't tried before as a promise of having a bath somewhere along the way.

If I had known how perfumey Space Girl was, I wouldn't have waited years to try it. It's amazing and beats many of the other bath bombs I've tried. I think it has a sugary yet floral scent even though I couldn't see any ingredients to suggest this. It does contains grapefruit, bergamot and almond oil but I can't put my finger on the aroma.

Unlike many, this turned my water into a magical glittery purple lilac bath. A bath fit for any space princess (or little girls who dislike normal morning baths). It didn't stain the bath and I wasn't coated in glitter after. Perfect!
Space Princess Water
Space Princess Water
As well as being glittery, purple and girly smelling, this also contains popping candy so expect crackly fun in your dreamy bath. Perfect for relaxing after (or in my case during) a sticky camping trip.

Have you tried Space Girl? Which bath bombs do you still have left to try?

Helen x

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  1. This sounds absolutely beautiful, when I saw it online I didn't think much of it but really want to try it now xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

    1. I find that sometimes the products I overlook are the ones I regret not picking up first. Yum!