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Cruelty-free blogger Vicki from Akin to a Ray of Sunshine created this tag. I’ve seen that a lot of my CF lovelies have done it so thought it was long overdue for me to tell you my story of becoming cruelty-free 🙂
Cruelty free zone

1.  How long have you been on your cruelty free journey? 

I’ve been cruelty-free since 2001 when I first started exploring animal rights and learning the truth behind where my food came from. It piqued my curiosity and I learnt the horrific truth.
2.  What made you decide to go cruelty free?
We had to do a project in year 8 at school about a topic we cared about. I chose animals as I always said I loved them. During my research I discovered what a hypocrite I was saying saying I loved animals yet ate them everyday. I looked into the meat industry and learnt about the horrific ways the animals are treated and stopped eating meat straight away. My mum went vegetarian at the same time. I delved into all aspects of animals rights including animal testing so made sure mum bought animal friendly shampoo afterwards. I’m still learning to this day and love discovering cruelty-free bands.
3.  What has been the hardest product to find a cruelty-free dupe for?
I want to say that I haven’t struggled but to be honest, I have. Finding hair removal cream was so hard but Superdrug do their own now which is a step in the right direction. It’s also almost impossible to find a friendly anti-aspirant but I’m coping well with natural deodorants which are better for your body anyway.

4.  What product or brand do you wish was cruelty free?
If Proctor & Gamble went cruelty-free that would just be awesome as they are one of the largest testers of animals in the world and own so many household names like Colgate, Huggies, Always etc.

5.  What is your holy grail cruelty free brand?
Like so many other bloggers… Lush! I remember walking into their store as a child not fussed on baths and walking out wanting a bath straight away.

6.  Name one cruelty free brand someone may not have heard of.
At the moment I’m using a lot from Sukin. Their protein conditioner is one if the nicest conditioners I’ve used. Not only are they cruelty free, they use natural green ingredients too. I’m going to try more of their skincare range soon. I also love skincare company MooGoo (read my reviews here) and all of my current makeup whilst travelling is by their sister company Dusty Girls.

Dusty Girls
Dusty Girls

7.  Are you vegan? If so, for how long and have you had any struggles? If not, why not?

No. I eat vegan 85% of the time but not completely. I dont drink cows milk and I hate eggs but I sometimes eat them in products and I use beauty products containing honey. My stomach beats my head sometimes. I’ll see a delicious looking cake or have a craving for a certain flavour crisp plus I eat a lot of Quorn which contains eggs. I know there’s no excuse to not be vegan knowing about the male chicks and cows getting slaughtered just so people can have their milk and eggs.
When I return to the UK I am going to seriously consider veganism.
8.  What’s your favourite vegan friendly local venue?
Back home it would have to be Taurus Crafts. They cater for everyone and use local produce as well as provide all kinds of activities for adults and children. If you are ever in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire make sure you visit as it’s a great day out. In Australia, Melbourne is one of the vegan world capitals. Lord of the Fries should be global. Vegetarian fast food with plenty of vegan options. Mmmm.
9.  You have 30 seconds to convert someone to a cruelty free lifestyle. What would you say to them?
What would you do if I bought a puppy, put him in a cage with a cold concrete floor, made him digest toxic chemicals then cut him open to see the effects without any proper pain relief then if he survives these tests I’m going to put him down in a couple of weeks, buy another animal and do the same thing? Yes, its unthinkable and sounds more like stuff of nightmares than reality but crazily it’s still reality for thousands of animals including rabbits, cats and dogs every day. The only difference is that our pets were lucky enough be born to loving owners. What makes the bunny with its eyes clamped open different to the one hopping around in the garden next door? Do you really want to continue buying products that support such an industry? It sounds daunting but it’s actually really simple. Come on, I’ll take you shopping and show you how easy it is to be cruelty free.

Approved cruelty free logos to look for
Approved cruelty free logos to look for

Well that’s enough from me. I’d really like to hear all your cruelty-free stories so I tag Lucy and anyone else who wants to do it. Make sure you send me your link!

Helen x 

4 thoughts on “The Bunny Friendly Beauty Tag

    • November 22, 2015 at 11:59 am

      It sure is! 🙂 I like reading all the other cruelty free bloggers histories (I'm nosey) so make you sure you send me a link to yours!

    • November 22, 2015 at 12:00 pm

      It sure is! 🙂 I like reading all the other cruelty free bloggers histories (I'm nosey) so make you sure you send me a link to yours!

  • September 15, 2016 at 1:33 pm

    Love CF and Not tested on animals brands.


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