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Soothing & Improving Moisturiser, A Bit Hippy - Review

Soothing & Improving Moisturiser, A Bit Hippy*
Soothing & Improving Moisturiser, A Bit Hippy*
Regular readers know I like locally made products and if you read my roadtrip post, you'll see that I travelled around the Gold Coast in Australia. One area I visited was Burleigh Heads. Maybe the best surf spot I've ever come across. So I was so happy to hear about A Bit Hippy. Not just because of their awesome name and ethics (people say I'm a bit hippy) but because they are based at the one and only Burleigh Heads. Wahoo. How local is that?

View of Surfers Paradise from Burleigh Heads (Sorry for the bad quality)
View of Surfers Paradise from Burleigh Heads (Sorry for the bad quality)
A Bit Hippy focuses on being as natural as possible, using ingredients sourced from mother nature herself. Their Soothing & Improving Moisturiser is suitable for ALL skin types from sufferers of eczema and psoriasis to little babies skin, no irritating chemicals, paraffin or silicones are used and of course, no animal testing either.

Like a true hippy, Soothing Moisturiser is unscented. I always find 'unscented' products to have some sort of aroma and this reminds me a little like play dough but dont let that put you off as it's actually quite a nice smell. It is made with natural oils, licorice root and +15 (high quality) manuka honey, renowned for its medicinal properties. (A nutritionist friend of mine researched manuka for her university dissertation and swears we should all be using it.)

After my roadtrip ended, I started my farmwork to get my 2nd year visa. After weeks on the road followed by long hours farming, my skin needed some desperate TLC. Without going into gross details, working in heat results in lots of sweat which caused my armpits to develop horrible dry and flaky skin. I thought I was allergic to my deodorant but research said it was caused by sweat. One evening post-shower, I appiled my soothing moisturiser. I even put it on my poorly armpits. In the morning I woke up to armpits that were HEALED! After at least 2 weeks of rashy armpits, one application cured it. This has now become a miracle product for me which I honestly was not expecting at all.

Despite being amazing at combating dry patches of skin, this is not at all greasy so great to apply whenever without having to worry about being oily. After a weekend beaching it up my arms were a bit dry and red but once again, one stroke with this and they were back to normal. Recently my arms have been scratched from picking lemons and this stops me from itching.

I am so glad to have been contacted by A Bit Hippy else I would not have known about them and my skin would be in a miserable state right now.

What are you favourite local brands? What miracle products have you accidently found? 

Helen x 

*PR supplied product.

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  1. wow wonderful I think working in warmth brings about heaps of sweat which made my armpits create frightful dry and flaky skin. I thought I was adversely affected by my antiperspirant however look into said it was brought about by sweat. One night post-shower, I appiled my mitigating cream. I even put it on my inadequately armpits. In the morning I woke up to armpits that were heals ! After no less than 2 weeks of rash armpits, one application cured it. This has now turned into a wonder item for me which I genuinely was not expecting by any stretch of the imagination. Regardless of being astounding at fighting dry patches of skin, this is not in any way oily so awesome to apply at whatever point without worrying about being slick.

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