Tuesday, 21 June 2016

How to Stay Hydrated on Long Runs, Nuun - Review

We all know the importance of hydration but on it's own it can be a bit of a yawn especially when you are pumping out the miles so let me introduce you to Nuun hydration tablets.
I used to find that effervescent tablets have this weird taste regardless of flavour so I always had to drink them as quick as possible. Nuun has completely changed this. They offer a vast selection of flavours which are actually enjoyable. My favourite is Strawberry Lemonade. All the sweetness of strawberries with a zingy after-taste of lemonade. The effervescent tablet gives it a slight fizz making it pleasant to drink.

Nuun tablets are perfect for all activities. Many elite cyclists have been known to use Nuun because they taste good, are convenient to carry and aren't full of sugar and colourings like regular sports drinks. They are also vegan an gluten-free. You just need to add one or two to your bottle for an extra boost while you work out. They are especially great for endurance training like half marathons where hydration is of the utmost importance.

I use Nuun when I'm half-marathon training as they suit me well. If you are going to be running for an hour or longer, water won't be enough as you need to replace the salts you lose when you sweat. I found Nuun to not be sickly sweet, making them gentle on the stomach and the unusual flavours made me actually excited for long run days.

If your idea of exercise is running for the bus then Nuun is still suitable for you too as they work really well at replacing lost fluids during sickness and they come in handbag friendly sized tubes so are easy for hydration on-the-go.

Grape, Nuun
Grape, Nuun
I recently had a horrible chest infection and I have a chronic health condition (Addison's disease) so when I get run down, I really get run down. My body doesn't process salt like it should so keeping properly hydrated is very important especially when I'm ill. Even with no appetite, I kept sipping  Nuun and I really feel like they helped me overcome my illness quicker.

A couple of weeks later, my partner came down with a stomach virus. He couldn't keep anything down. It is very easy to become dehydrated if you are vomiting so he added one to a pint and gradually sipped it. He kept it down and the next day he even managed some food and continued to drink. Wahoo!

Sadly Nuun UK is having a huge closing down sale due to Nuun USA taking over. They have a massive 40% off everything and you get a free water bottle with each order. I am going to buy some Kona Cola, Tri-berry and Cherry Limeade flavour. I am keen to get back into running and they are handy to keep in my first aid box.

What flavours do you like the look of? What do you use when you are sports training or recovering from illness?

Helen x 

*PR supplied product. All opinions are my own.


  1. Love the photography! Might give these a try!

    1. I believe the website is still up and running. Worth a try if you are into endurance sports.

    2. I believe the website is still up and running. Worth a try if you are into endurance sports.