Think Pink Bath Ballistic, Lush – Review

On a recent trip to Lush, I noticed a “new” bath bomb only to discover it wasn’t new at all, just updated. I have tried Think Pink in the past and thought nothing of it but smelling this new formula I put it in my basket instantly. But don’t be fooled, this bright pink beauty holds more than meets the eye…Think Pink, Lush

You might assume that a bright pink bath bomb would smell very girly. Maybe really sweet or really floral. Well you’d be wrong. I think this fragrance is actually very unisex. To me the neroli oil, tonka and vanilla stood out the most and I was actually surprised to see lavender listed as an ingredient as I could not detect this. My partner who is also a massive Lushie was also very keen on the fragrance (though unfortunately, not sold on the colour). As well as being a treat for your eyes, this left my skin really soft so I chose not to follow up with any body lotion after as the essential oils did more than enough.

Think Pink, Lush
Think Pink, Lush
The ballistic itself is much bigger and the subtle design makes me imagine a bright pink, slightly iridescent dragons egg. Perfect for Game of Thrones season! As this bath treat dissolves, a bright pink and glittery show will unfold leaving a light purple core that will leave your bath water an amazing sparkling hot pink. I hope this one stays a permanent feature as this is one of the nicest ballistics I have tried in a while.
Have you tried the reformulated Think Pink bath ballistic? What is your favorite Lush classic?
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