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Begu Tea, Tea for your Mind - Review

Begu Tea*
Begu Tea*
Unless you live under a rock, I'd say it's pretty obvious that I love tea. A healthy lifestyle is important to me so I was quite intrigued to try some of the Begu tea range. Begu aim to promote a healthy lifestyle and offer meal plans and online health related advice. Before you think "Oh no, not *another* detox tea" stop right there! I am personally trying to put ON weight, not lose it. I've found that each of the Begu teas offer something different and definitely do not suggest any quick-fix miracles. They are made with high quality ingredients, each promoting different health aspects and most importantly, taste delicious.
Begu Tea

Morning Buzz - I really enjoy this tea first thing in the morning as it makes me want to eat healthy for the rest of the day. It is a great caffeine free substitute to coffee or black tea. I drink this when I'll be performing any holistic treatments so that I am not jittery. It's also great on days of exams and taekwondo gradings.

Calm - This tea in AMAZING! It has the perfect name. I recently went through a bad patch of anxiety at work so thought I would try taking these with me and they work! I am not sure whether it was simply mind over matter or the fact that this is full of ingredients known to aid relaxation such as lemon balm, but after a few sips I felt myself calm down and relax. This is also a great tea to drink to unwind after a long day at work.

System Cleanse - This tea is best drunk after your final meal of the day to help aid digestion. I personally find "detox" teas taste disgusting so was not looking forward to trying these. Fortunately this is made with rooibos, lavender and vanilla which make it really enjoyable and nice to sip in front of the telly. I like to drink this one when I've overindulged and feel a bit bloated.

Nightea Night - I was expecting a boring chamomile tea but was pleasantly surprised to find that is is a spiced fruit tea to help you sleep. I love the cinnamon spiciness and the sweetness of the hibiscus. As the name suggests, this should be drunk before bed to promote a better nights sleep. I've been drinking this when I get home in the mornings after a night shift and so far I've had a really good undisturbed sleep.

Begu Tea

There are also 'Crave' and "Appetite" teas which apparently suppress your appetite. I think if you drink these whilst following their meal and exercise plan then they may help you towards your slimming goals. However, I asked not to try these as I need to eat more, not less. 

Talking of meal plans... When you order from Begu you get a meal plan focusing on the individual teas and nutrition. The plan gradually adds in exercise so you are not overwhelmed with a total lifestyle overhaul. You also have access to professionals who can answer any problems or questions you may have. The Begu website features 'Begufitness' and 'Begunutrition' areas where you can find various exercise videos and nutritional advice.

Overall I have been using Begu teas mostly for my mental health rather than physical. Their Calm tea really helped me through a rough patch and Nightea Night got me to relax and prepare myself for sleep, taking my mind off other things going on in my life. I think if you are thinking of losing weight, drinking tea alone is not going to help you but following a good meal and exercise program whist drinking good quality tea like Begu will definitely help.

What are your thoughts on detox teas? Has any tea ever had a positive effect on your mental or physical health?

Helen x 

*PR supplied product. All thoughts and opinions completely my own.

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  1. I love having herbal teas but haven't tried any of the so called 'detox' teas. Chamomile tea really works for me in the evening, it relaxes me and makes me ready for bed so I go to sleep quicker.