Friday, 28 December 2018

Does CBD oil work? A CBD Oils UK Review

CBD oil is a huge talking point right now and with good reason, but what exactly is it?
CBD stands for cannabidiol, one of over 100 complex chemical compounds known as cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. It is non-psychoactive (you won't get high), with multiple health benefits supported by new academic research.
I have been taking CBD oil and tea daily for a few weeks with UK CBD Oils. A company providing high quality, organic CBD oil products to the UK. Does it live up to it's hype?
CBD Oils UK*
CBD Oils UK*
The first product is the 500mg Raw Full Plant CBD Oil. It is important to start at a lower dosage so your body can get used to it. 500mg is a 5% blend, you can then up it to 10% - 15%. CBD oils have intrigued me for a while as I have severe depression, Addison's disease and hypothyroidism. Whilst these conditions are under control, I hoped CBD would help with my major symptom of lethargy.

I take up to 6 drops twice a day, but you can do this three times if you like. The taste is very unique. Earthy and bitter. After dropping the oil under your tongue, hold it there for 90 seconds before swallowing. I think this helps as it kind of diluted the taste, but I quickly became used to the taste after a few days.

CBD Oils UK*

So far I have not noticed any difference to my tiredness but this is mostly my fault as I have not been taking it routinely like I do with my medicines. However, it has had a notable effect on my anxiety. Since taking CBD, my anxiety levels have significantly dropped in all the tests I take prior to my cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) sessions. This is nothing but fantastic! 

Whilst I still feel tired, paradoxically my energy levels seem higher. So I'm now like an excitable puppy who still requires naps.
UK CBD Oils Morning Brew Tea
UK CBD Oils Morning Brew Tea
The second product I have been trying is the Morning Brew Tea. This is a pack of 15 pyramid teabags advertised as a "detox" tea. I hate that term. Detoxing is what our liver and kidneys do! Regardless, I have really been enjoying this tea. It is an uplifting blend of  lemongrass, rosehip, orange peel, echinacea and phytocannabinoid rich hemp.
I have had pure hemp tea before and could not get used to the taste, but this tea is light, floral and sweet. Not at all bitter (unless you let it over-brew) and thoroughly enjoyable. I am a huge fan of lemongrass and rosehip already so this tea is spot on.

Final thoughts? I am thrilled to see some unexpected results from taking the oil. I plan on continuing to take it on a more regular, stricter basis alongside my morning meds. A new year brings a new training plan so I am curious to see if cannabinoid products can aid my running and taekwondo training too. Have I been converted? Not quite yet. I want to try it for a few more months but either way, it is a fabulous source of omega oils.

Have you tried CBD oil? Are there any other media-hitting health products you've tried and did you notice any benefits?

Helen x 

*PR supplied product. All thoughts 100% my own.


  1. I'll be curious to hear how beneficial you will find it longterm. I've heard of many people using it successfully to treat chronic pain too, so it's interesting to see how many different uses CBD oils may have..

  2. I've heard a lot of people using these for chronic pain, my mother in law tried them!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  3. I didn't know much about this, so it's been interesting to read more detail on it! Thanks for sharing this :)

  4. I've definitely thought about getting some for stress and anxiety but never really looked into it. It's great to hear that it's helping you, maybe I should get round to buying some

    Lon x