Friday, 18 January 2019

Top 5 non-Valentines Day Movies

Love it or hate it, Valentine's day is heading our way. This year I have teamed up with the amazing guys over at Panasonic. They have a fantastic range of 4K LED TV's to suit a range of budgets. Perfect for snuggling in front of for a little Netflix & chill with your better half; be that in human, canine or ice cream form.

If you are anything like me, soppy romance films are a sure way to make me fall asleep. I am all about the action and movies that make me think. I believe the way you watch movies can totally make or break a film. Ever watched something at the cinema and thought it was amazing then watched it at home and it was a bit... well... meh?
I think with the introduction of 4k TV's, we can bring the cinema experience home. All you need is some popcorn, a drink and some company. So grab a friend and take your pick.

Black Mirror*
Black Mirror*
1. Back Mirror
Ok, technically not a movie but definitely a series to watch with company. Nothing screams romance like a dark dystopian series. This series is a collection of regular 40+ minute episodes and a couple of feature length ones, hence how it made the list.
I have loved Black Mirror since it's early Channel 4 days (before it was cool yeaah) and it just gets better and better. The latest feature-length episode 'Bandersnatch' episode makes the perfect Valentine's evening entertainment to indulge in. It is an interactive episode so perhaps you could take it in turns to choose what happens next? I would personally choose Sugar Puffs. If you know, you know.

2. Maniac 
Yes, another non-movie on a movie list. Yeah, I'm not even sorry. Currently I am slowly getting through this with one of my friends (we aren't allowed to watch it without each other) and so far, so good. It is a quirky dark comedy about two strangers undergoing a clinical trial. Not the best synopsis I know but do give it a go. Starring top comedy A-listers Emma Stone and Jonah Hill, you know it's gonna be good. Perfect light watching and time between episodes to... you know... eat ice cream.

Bird Box
Bird Box
3. Bird Box
Probably the most talked about film of the year so far. I personally loved it, my friend... not so much. This alone makes it great to watch in company purely for the conversations it brings up after. A creepy dystopian film (can you notice a theme here?) starring Sandra Bullock. If you are yet to watch it, this makes an easy-watching date night movie, just scary enough to warrant a cheeky snuggle.

4. Annihilation
This is definitely the creepiest movie of the list. I started off thinking 'Ahh just another typical sci-fi'. NOPE! This is one of the most unique films I have seen since Interstellar (another awesome film). I don't want to give too much away but think tropical paradise meets extra-terrestrials. Oh and you definitely 100% will not want to sleep alone after watching this. When I watched this I did have company and still couldn't sleep!

Never Let Me Go
Never Let Me Go
5. Never Let Me Go 
Another star-ridden cast. Keira Knightly, Carey Mulligan and Andrew Garfield play the main characters so we are already onto a winner here. This movie is perhaps the most Valentinesque of this list as it involves romance and heartbreak but don't be fooled into thinking this is a soppy romance. Sticking with my theme, this is a very dark dystopian movie based off an even darker book. No, I'm not crying, you are!

Have you seen any of these yet? Which will you be watching come February 14th? How will you be celebrating (or non-celebrating) Valentines day?

Helen x 

*This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions 100% my own.


  1. Really great picks babe, I loved watching Birdbox and Annihilation so it was great seeing them included! 💜

    With love, Alisha Valerie x |

    1. They are two awesome films. Perfect for Valentines I reckon.

  2. I have watched all of these apart from Never Let Me Go and have just got into Annihilation which looks interesting. I love all of the series on Netflix.

    Shannon x