Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Candy Bubble Brush, Lush - Review

This is my first post I have managed to write in far too long. Uni is pretty much done for good now (praise be cheesus). I never thought the amount of work would be so great and life consuming! Anyway, what better way to return to blogging than with a short and sweet Lush review. For lovers of bubble baths and sweet candy fragrances, keep reading and enjoy!
Candy Bubble Brush, Lush
Candy Bubble Brush, Lush

There have been many a Lush product review written here. Most products I totally adore (Think Pink Bath Bomb), and others... not so much (Damaged Hot Oil Treatment). In my eyes, the Candy Bubble Brush is most definitely a hit. I received one for Christmas and have only recently had the chance to use it. Despite this, it still had a very strong fragrance and a super bubble rating 10/10.

This bubble bar is a lot easier to use than the standard bubble bars. It comes on a nifty lollipop stick which you can simply hold under the tap. Usually you have to crumble the bar in your hand first which can get quite messy. Due to the (recyclable) stick, you can save some of the bar for another bath. I am not that kind of girl and used it ALL at once! Mwahahaaha.

The bath was delightfully bubbly with the water turning to a fantastic vibrant pink. The fragrance is the same as Snow Fairy; a very sweet fragrance kind of like candyfloss and bananas. My most favourite thing about this was how the fragrance lingered on my skin. I had a bath in the morning and in the late evening I was still getting wafts of sweetness. For this reason alone it has become one of my favourite products. I love how amazing Lush products smell but it always disappoints me when the smell doesn't stick.

So. If you like bubbles, bright pink and smelling like a sweet shop then this is the one for you!

What is your favourite bath product? Have you tried any of the bubble brushes yet?

Candy Bubble Brush, Lush

Candy Bubble Brush, Lush

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  1. now this looks and sounds lush! I will be checking this out!

    1. Deffo. If sweetness isn't your thing, there's also a minty brush :)

  2. Oh my girls would love this so much!