Bank Holiday Wants / Wishlist

Hello everyone. I hope you are having a relaxing bank holiday. So far I’ve been walking the dogs and washing my sisters retriever with the hose in the garden. All this after spending the morning ringing all the Primark stores within a 40 mile radius to see if they have something I’m desperate for… They didn’t! :'(  I think I’m due for a shower but I think I’ll put it off until I’ve ran.
Anyway… There are quite a few things I really want to try so thought I’d share my current few wants with you.  

1. Moisturizing Skin Cream, Yu-Be I’ve read so much about this brand.  All I want is a teeny tiny sample, but even they sell for rather a lot on the internet.  I guess this will be staying on my ‘want’ list for a good while.2.  Primark Monsters University Ladies pyjama short set. (Price unknown)  Yep, all the South West UK Primark stores have sold out.  Bad times.  However, one member of staff said that they are getting more in stock as they are due to be a winter best seller.  All is not lost!  I WILL own this.3.  Rose Jam Shower Gel, Lush (From £4.65 Lush).  I was very excited when an email from Lush came through yesterday saying that one of my favourite bath treats is being made into an online exclusive limited edition shower gel.  I will be ordering one this very evening.  If you are like me and love Turkish Delight chocolate, then this is the scent for you.4.  Ne Worry Pas, Lush (£3.95 Lush).  Whilst I’m doing an online order, I think I’ll grab one of these bath bombs.  This item is described as being very violet-y.  I’m a lover of Parma Violet sweets (as well as Turkish Delights).  Needless to say, I have a very sweet tooth and this is the closest to bathing in sugar as possible.5.  Tough Mudder headband.  Something that has to be earned, not bought.  It’s only 4 weeks until Tough Mudder now.  Eek!6.  Yoga & Meditation Balm, Badger Balm .  The description of the ingredients sounds soooo heavenly, but £7 is a bit too much so it’s something I’m going to have to save for and earn.
Do you own/have you tried any of the following items?  If so, please let me know if they are any good and worth the hype.
Helen x
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  • August 26, 2013 at 10:31 pm

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    • August 28, 2013 at 3:41 pm

      Thank you! 🙂
      I'm following your blog. Is that you in the pictures? So pretty. You remind me a bit of Cassy from a UK show called Skins.

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      Yay! Thanks.
      Yes I follow on gfc also. I try and follow blogs any way I can.


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