Floating Island Bath Melt, Lush – Review

Floating Island Luxury Bath Melt, Lush
Floating Island Luxury Bath Melt, Lush

I first fell in love with Lush after receiving one of their many beautifully packaged gift boxes in 1999 but it wasn’t until 2007 that I discovered the delights of the Floating Island Bath Melt.

As a lover of baths (and Lush), I tend to choose my Lush products by scent alone and Floating Island is one that does not stand out in this department. It has an extremely delicate sandalwood and cocoa aroma and as for its appearance, it is very plain in both colour and shape. As such, it is easily overlooked by all the other colourful, fragrant, flamboyant products which seem to scream ‘Pick me! Pick me!’.

So how did I end up with a product that could well have been forgotten at the back of a staff room cupboard for all the consideration I gave it? Quite simply, I got it for free during one stock-up in Lush Swansea. It was coming up to its use by date so they wanted to get rid of it.

Due to my preconception of the plainness of this product, I was not expecting anything special. The smell was much stronger out of the heavily scented shop and it has fast become one of my favourites. This is not the reason why I am infatuated. I love it because no other bath bomb, bubble bar or melt from any company has given me such soft skin as this one has. No moisturiser was needed post-bath which was a first. I was silky smooth and covered in such a wonderful scent that lasted the rest of the day and the following.

This item currently costs £4.15. Some may say this is too much, but for a luxury product that uses the finest fair trade ingredients which are not tested on animals at all during the whole process, it is worth every penny and I have since treated myself to several more.

I must note that this is a luxury bath melt, not a bubble bar. Do not expect bubbles or wonderful fizzing action. This product is designed to turn your water into a purely indulgent milk-type bathing experience. If Cleopatra had the choice between milk and a Floating Island, Lush would win hands down.

Unfortunately my nearest Lush is 30 miles away and I am very overdue for a haul. Have you ever used any of their luxury bath melts? What is you all time favourite Lush product?

Helen x

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