Peppermint & Oats Soap, Simply Soaps – Review

Peppermint & Oats Soap, Simply Soaps*
Peppermint & Oats Soap, Simply Soaps*
Nothing makes my hands feel fresher than washing them with a good quality soap.  It’s one of those silly little things that make me take a deep, relaxing breath no matter how stressful my day is.

I love the subtly delicious fragrance of Peppermint & Oats Soap by Simply Soaps.  The refreshing scent of mint mixed with the gentle exfoliating action of the oats is a great combination.  It lathers up nicely and due to the high oil content of the soap, your hands are left soft, clean and nourished.  Peppermint has moderate anti-bacterial properties and oats are great for people with problem skin and are naturally softening.  I would strongly suggest you keep this soap in a soap dish as the oats can make a little bit of a mess.

I believe that if you are making a solid soap it needs to be done properly with natural, high quality ingredients or not at all.  Simply Soaps ticks all these boxes.  They use sustainably sourced palm oil, do not test on animals, and even their packaging is compostable.  This gives Simply Soaps mega green points from me.  If mint or oats aren’t your thing, they do a whole range of aromas so you are bound to find one you’ll love.  There is even a special section on their website for people with sensitive skin and eczema.

Despite their name Simply Soaps do a range of gorgeous looking candles, skincare and bathing products.  I’ve been eyeing up their Bath Bags for a while now.  Tea bags for the bath!  Amazing.  My wishlist is going to be a long one this Christmas.
A little bit of luxury
A little bit of luxury

Are you a fan of solid soaps?  Which ones do you love and why?  Have you used any products by Simply Soaps?

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