DIY – Spa Day at Home

DIY - Spa Day at Home

We all need time to relax and pamper ourselves and for me, there’s no better way to do this than with a “spa” experience.
I’m not talking about spending all your hard earned money and travelling to a spa, but to a place so divine, blissful, a place where dreams come true. Yep, you guessed it… your bathroom.
Here’s a budget friendly guide to a spa day at home:

1.  Light your favourite candle and grab something nice to drink. Tea, wine, whatever your poison.

2.  Whilst your bath is running, use a dry body brush (see my brushing guide here). Great for lymph drainage, boosting your circulation, eradicating cellulite and exfoliating skin.
Always brush TOWARDS your heart in upward strokes, avoiding the breast area. You need to “create room” for the lymph to move so start with upward strokes on the top of your legs and arms and work your way down, finishing with clockwise motions around your belly.

Dry Body Brush
Dry body brush

3.  Add a bath bomb or some bath salts/oils. If you want gorgeous bath products, you really can’t go wrong by adding anything from Lush into your bath.

4. Apply a face mask and maybe a hair mask, get into the bath and relax.  If you have a bath pillow, now is the opportune time to use it. I like to read either a magazine or a good book whilst I’m soaking away.  The water is lovely and hot so I have to try not to fall asleep.

Relaxation. Bliss.
Relaxation. Bliss.

5.  When you’re ready, get cleansing.  I enjoy sugar scrubs or appying shower gel with a body puff.  It is the perfect time to scrub your feet as your skin will be soft so grab a pumice stone or foot scrub.

6.  Now you are all relaxed and prune-like, it’s time to get out the bath and apply a scrumptious body butter before slipping into your favourite, cosy pyjamas with a hot drink and maybe a movie and nail polish session.  Perfection!

How do you like to unwind?  I’d love to hear about your bath-time rituals.

Helen x

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