Numero Dos Body Wash & Body Cream, Manby&Hall – Review

Numero Dos Body Wash & Body Cream
Numero Dos Body Wash & Body Cream*

I’ve read that certain smells can trigger childhood memories and this happened to me with samples of Manby&Hall‘s Numero Dos collection. When I breath in the smell I’m about 6 years old with one of my sisters in her room and smelling all her body lotions and wondering what they were for. Happy yet vague memories.

Manby&Hall asked my preference between nocturnal smells or zesty. I associate musky, spicy smells with the word ‘nocturnal’ so quickly gave my answer. Seductive smells win any day 😉 I was correct in my fragrance assumption and so pleased with the unexpected memories it brought back.

Numero Dos has a luxurious amber aroma with packaging to match. Unfortunately I found Numero Dos Body Wash too faint for my liking. I enjoy powerful scents and this was extremely mild. Numero Dos Body Cream was also quite weak but great if you enjoy subtle smells. I enjoyed using the body cream as I would get the occasional waft and would once again be a child, annoying my sisters. For me personally, if the aroma was slightly stronger then it would be a firm favourite as I fell in love with the smell.

Manby&Hall launched in late 2013 and base their natural products on the Mediterranean but all their products are handmade in England. Plus they are very up on recycling and supporting charities so lots for green point for them.

What smells bring back memories to you? Would you have chosen nocturnal or zesty?

Helen x

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