What’s in my Summer Bag?

Welcome to my first post of the #SummerBloggerChallenge. This weeks topic features the things you will always find in my bag during the summer on a regular day. Have a look and see if they are in your bag too.

what's in my summer bag?

1. Heart design tissues £3.95 for 12 packs
Everything makes my nose run so these are constantly in my bag regardless of the season. Exercise makes it run, hay-fever makes it run, eating makes it run, you name it and it’ll make my nose run.

2. Kindle £59 or a book. 
Great for bus journeys and sitting in the garden with a icy cold drink. I’m on Goodreads and have set myself an easy challenge of reading 20 books this year. I plan on getting a big chunk of reading done in the sun.
3. Medication. 
As I’ve mentioned, I have hay-fever so I’ll always have some hay-fever tablets in my bag, plus I have Addison’s disease so I carry some medicine for that too.
4. Lavera Sun Cream from £8.95
I’m a pale redhead. Just a sprinkle of sun is enough to burn me. I must have been a vampire in a past life.
5. An apple or other healthy snacks. 
I get hungry… A lot. I NEED food in my bag at all times. No matter how much I pack, it’s never enough.
6. Sigg Special Edition Cuipo Fight Deforestation Bottle  $22.99/£15.99 here
Gotta keep hydrated, especially when it’s hot. I try and take my Sigg everywhere with me. It’s a high quality BPA-free metal bottle and a safe way to drink without all the hidden nasties that come with drinking from plastic. I chose this particular bottle because Cuipo is a charity that is helping save the rainforest. For every bottle purchased, a meter squared of rainforest is saved in your name. You are given a code and when you enter it into their website you actually get the coordinates to the bit of forest you’ve saved which I think it pretty cool..
7. Yes To Carrots Tinted Lipbalm £5.99
This is one of my favourite lipbalms. I do not wear lipstick so I really like the subtle colour this leaves.

Are any of these items essential to you? What’s in you everyday summer bag?

Helen x

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