*Mini Review* Bee Prepared Immune Support, Unbeelievable Health

Summer’s here which for a lot of us also means hayfever season is here too. The kind bee lovers at Unbeelievable Health sent me a few of their Bee Prepared Immune Support pills for me to try.

Bee Prepared Immune Support, Unbeelievable Health
Bee Prepared Immune Support, Unbeelievable Health*

I’d read that if you take a teaspoon of local honey each day, your hayfever will be cured. A few summers ago I tried this with no success. It seems only  prescription pills will treat my allergies so I’m always on the lookout for natural treatments. I was not sent enough Bee Prepared Immune Support pills to get a proper ‘feel’ for them (hence the *Mini Review) and I think that with any kind of immune support supplements you need to take them properly for a good few weeks to get the benefits.

Bee Prepared Immune Support is multi-award winning and Vegetarian Society approved. If you don’t like swallowing tablets, the capsules can be opened up and added to smoothies, juice, yoghurt etc and you’ll still gain the benefits. They would make a great year round supplement as not only can they help relieve the symptoms of hayfever, but are great for your immune system when you are feeling run down and when you are more prone to picking up bugs in the winter. This is due to the high levels of vitamin C in each tablet.

Bee Prepared Immune Support, Unbeelievable Health
Effective ingredients in a veggie capsule

I really like the idea Unbeelievable Health as they are ethical and environmentally friendly plus they donate a portion of their profits to bee friendly charities and research and unless you’ve been living under a rock, we all know that our bees need some extra help right now.

Likelihood of buying: 6/10 I’m interested to see if they work for me plus I like to help the bee’s anyway I can.

Do you take any natural remedies for hayfever? Did they work?

Helen x

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*PR supplied product

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