Dr Zak’s High Protein Bread & Pasta – Review

We live in a society where pasta and bread are the bad guys of the food world. White pasta and bread most definitely. ‘If it’s white, don’t bite.’ Well I’m here to tell you that healthy, good-for-you pasta does exist. Let me introduce you to Dr Zak’s protein bread and pasta. High in protein, low in carbs. Suitable for vegetarians and dieters alike plus they’re soya free.

Dr Zak's High Protein Bread & Pasta
Dr Zak’s High Protein Bread & Pasta*


Dr Zak's High Protein Bread

2 slices of this loaf contains a whopping 20g of pea protein and omega-3 packed linseed. Protein is essential for muscle repair and helps to keep you feeling fuller for longer. I was a bit worried that Dr Zak’s bread would be bland and dry due to it’s high protein, low carb content but actually it was deliciously rich and flavoursome. My whole family loved it so I actually had to hide it! The texture kind of reminds me of a bagel. It’s great toasted and smothered with hummous. Mmm
The protein bread made excellent sandwiches for my breaks at work. I found it much more filling than my regular wholegrain bread. They also made great post-run toast when I wasn’t feeling hungry enough for a full meal.


Dr Zak's High Protein Pasta
From top left: A delicious meal, raw protein pasta, cooked protein pasta

I received two sample packs of Dr Zak’s protein pasta. Each was enough for just over one large meal. I made a veggie bolognase with one packet and a random baked bean, vegetable concoction with the other. This bad boy of a pasta packs 50g of protein per 100g serving!! Wow!
Unlike other wholemeal pasta I’ve tried, this has much more flavour to it. It has a kind of seedy, bready taste. I enjoyed the flavour as it gave my overall meals more of an oomph. However, I let down by it’s texture. It is not at all slimy like other pastas can be but I found it very rubbery and chewy and slightly dry even though it was thoroughly cooked on both occasions. I also think this product would be better if it was in regular pasta shapes like fusilli or shells rather than long rectangular shapes.
Despite this, it did exactly as promised and kept me full, without the bloating and heavy feeling I usually get after eating pasta.

Currently Dr Zak’s is available at certain Tesco Extra stores. Check their website to buy online and to find local stockists and to keep up to date on future additions to the soon-to-be expanding range. I will definitely buy the bread in the future and I would probably buy the pasta as overall it was enjoyable. I love food so it’s always nice to see your food staples get a healthy makeover.

Have you tried any of the Dr Zak’s range? What regular foods have you seen with added health benefits?
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