Ovivo, Super Health Boost in a Bottle – Review

We all know that olives are great for your health and taste gross but did you know that olive leaves are super healthy too? Neither did I until I discovered Ovivo wellness. According to their website, olive leaves were shown to have the highest antioxidant levels in a study of 55 medicinal herbs. Antioxidants protect us against the free radicals (pollution, cigarette smoke etc) which we are exposed to in every day life.
Now we don’t want to be munching on olive leaves all day so the clever people at Ovivo created a 7 day bottled supply with an easy to use measuring strip on the side so that you get exactly 70ml per day.


I had my first 70ml ‘straight down the hatch’. Wow. Imagine the bitterness of lemons, grapefruit and tonic water combined with an olivey after-taste AKA very bitter. On day 2 I mixed it into a smoothie. Bearable but still overwhelming. Day 3 I mixed it with cranberry juice. Hmm. Improving. By day 4 the taste had weirdly grown on me and I found myself looking forward to my daily dose.

Freshly poured dose, ovivo
Freshly poured dose

The content is not going to win any beauty contests any time soon. As you can see, it is a murky brown and needs a good shaking as bits settle in the bottle. However the bottle itself was very nice and something that would stand out on display. Clear to read, clear to use and because it is glass, it is recyclable and better for your health than plastic.
In terms of health,  I took my dose at roughly the same time every day and I did feel perkier that week. I had been doing daily Insanity workouts and eating clean and I think Ovivo helped towards my energy levels. If I train for another half marathon or feeling particularly run down then I will happily be buying this product. Technically I am still not a lover of olives, but I can say I enjoy their leaves.

Whilst this was indeed a PR supplied product, I loved it so much that I just purchased a bottle from Holland  Barrett. 7 days supply is not enough! I love it.

Have you tried any natural energy boosters? Do you love olives?

Helen x

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*PR supplied product

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