Top 3 Items To Take Travelling

I recently posted Tips For Travelling/Backpacking Around The World which featured all the things I took with me on a 4 month around the world trip. I’ve been lucky enough to have travelled a fair bit and I’m going again in November. I’ve whittled down my knowledge into what I think are the essential items to take away with you whether that’s a global adventure or an overnight stay at a hostel in London. Here are my top 3 travel items:

3. A Book
Many hostels and camp-sites offer book swaps. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Leave a book, take a book. A great boredom buster at the airport or on the train. I’ve read some pretty weird yet enjoyable books from travelling which I probably wouldn’t have even picked up back home.

2. Hand Sanitiser
Clean water to wash your hands can be non-existent in some places I.E. India. It’s vital you clean your hands before you eat. Take this from someone who had food poisoning so had to be injected with emergency medicine on a 12 hour train ride from Mumbai to Goa. Not fun. Hand Sanitiser is so cheap, small and convenient so there’s really no excuse.

1. Earplugs!
My number 1 travel essential. If you are staying in a shared dorm at a hostel, I guarantee there will be at least one snorer in your dorm. My earplugs have been a sleep-saver on many an occasion and my biggest regret when I open my bag to realise I’ve left them at home! :O

Earplugs!, Top 3 Items to take travelling

Top 3 Travel Items, book, earplugs, nail clippers
Top 3 Travel Items

What are your travel essentials? Do you agree with my top 3?

Helen x

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