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You think of a theme and somewhere out there is a subscription box to satisfy your every desire. Regular readers will know that I am a keen runner who hasn’t ran much since the end of March. I can happily announce that I’ve signed up for San Francisco’s annual 5 mile Turkey Trot and am currently only one out of two Brits running it. So, to get my running mojo back I thought I’d try Joggbox. (That’s Suki’s snout up there, my sisters chihuahua and not my infamous Pepé)

Joggbox retails at £15 + £3 p&p but there are always discount codes floating around on their social media sites. (I got mine for £10 including p&p using a code) When you sign up you are asked for details on your clothing and footwear size, gender and any dietary needs. Only a few gluten-free petite ladies would want a pair of men’s socks and a wheat based energy bar.

The products in this months box;

The Kymira running socks are part of a Kickstarter project. These are very technical sciendy socks. Basically the fabric used infrared technlogy to make use of the excess heat energy which can aid in a whole manner of things. I slipped on these socks and ran. No blisters or anything! Magic, science socks.

Urban Fruit I have eaten before and will eat again. That is an empty package in that picture. Dried mango MUST be eaten straight away. Another thing that didn’t last very long was the Chia Charge bar. I’ve seen these around but never tried one and Oh. My. God. Delicious is too low a word. It’s a simple flapjack with chia seeds and has filled my mind with recipe ideas to recreate my own. The Miracle Tea is made from Moringa *SHOCKER* a plant I’ve never heard of before. The taste is unusualnd very unique so I’m sorry I can’t describe it. I had the mango flavour and green tea flavour. If I see these in the shops I will be buying them.

The Body Volt Energy Gel is being saved for when/if I build up my distance again. The same goes for the Elivar Hydrate Plus. I’m not currently running for over an hour so will save that for when the time comes. The laces are another thing I’m yet to use as I’m in my weird non-laced trail shoes at the moment. The next time I don my road runners though. Apparently they prevent your laces from undoing which is one of the ultimate runner problems so I’m looking forward to trying these.

It was great to get a running magazine in my box as these always make me want to get out in the woods. I’m still flicking through the pages. Thanks to Joggbox I can safely say that my eagerness to run has come back and all I can say now is bring on the Turkey Trot!

Have you tried Joggbox? What are your favourite non-beauty subscription boxes?

Helen x

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6 thoughts on “Joggbox, September – Review

    • October 7, 2014 at 10:29 am

      The quality of the things I got for the price I paid was great. I love how it caters to all as well. I will definitely be getting another box in the future.

  • October 7, 2014 at 5:21 pm

    I loved this box. The chia flapjack was delicious. I am very impressed with the socks and will look out for the magazine in future. Enjoy your Turkey Trot I am very jealous x

    • October 7, 2014 at 9:13 pm

      I love running but after not doing it for a while, I needed a kick so yep. If you need motivation, I'd say order one of these.


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