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Fleabag Friday is here again with Saffy, a cutie of a rescue dog (Yay!) owned by Jennifer from the blog Ginevrella. Adopt dont shop!



Let me introduce you to my Jack Russell Terrier, Saffy. (She’s Sapphire really, but only when she’s naughty!)

Saffy is five years old and we’ve had her since she was about three months. She came from Dogs Trust West London and has well and truly landed on her feet coming home with us! She’s very spoilt with plenty of toys, tasty food and pretty much free run of the house.

She’s a pretty active dog and absolutely loves swimming. The woods near home have a large reservoir with a ‘dog beach’ and she can find her way there no problem. No matter what the weather, she is always desperate to get into the water and fetch sticks- just be prepared for a bit of a battle trying to get her to leave again. A bit like a stroppy toddler, she digs her heels into the sand and pulls against you as you try to lead her away from the water. Anyone watching thinks it’s really cute, but when it’s cold and I’m soaking wet from being splashed it’s not quite so amusing!

She’s not always the cleverest of pups, but she has learned a few tricks. She can sit and lie down (although often gets them the wrong way round) and can shake paw. If you’ve got something tasty, she can ‘crawl’ along the floor. She’s also learned to fetch a tennis ball if you ask “where’s the ball?” and will dash out to the garden if you mention the word ‘squirrel’. ‘Walkies’ and ‘sausages’ also get her pretty excited, while “you’re in trouble” gets her looking a bit worried. I’ve tried desperately to teach her to roll over but she just doesn’t get it at all. She is pretty nifty over agility jumps though.
Although she can be a bit of pain when she wants attention (she’s learned that she can press buttons on a laptop keyboard or push away your iPad), she’s a sweetie really and is happy to curl up and go to sleep next to you. She’s not always the most confident with other dogs and doesn’t tend to stray too far in the park, but she’s a real people-lover and wants to be introduced to everyone!


Sadly I don’t get to spend every day with Saffy since moving to university, but when I do come home she’s always ready and waiting with a wagging tail- there’s no welcome quite as good as a dog’s!
If you want to find out more about Saffy or see more pictures, she tends to crop up on my blog now and again, so make sure you pop on over to www.ginevrella.blogspot.co.uk and see!

If you are interested in taking part in my Flea-Bag Friday series, please get in touch.  All pets are welcome. Fish, frogs, donkeys, dogs, etc. Just comment below or send a tweet @teainthetub

Depending on the the response I get, I will be turning this into a competition where readers can vote on their favourite pet and the pet with the most votes will be sent some treats in the post.

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  • November 9, 2014 at 2:09 am

    Ah my gosh he is gorgeous I wish I could have animals in my flat as I would definitely have a rescue one xx


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