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Say hello to Hailey from Hailey and The Beauty Blog who has kindly written a post for me to save me a bit of time whilst I was preparing to leave. I love this post as I’m a big Lush fan so I hope you enjoy it too.

Hey Everyone my name is Hailey. I am also a cruelty free blogger from Scotland. I just want to thank Helen for giving me the opportunity to guest post on her blog while she is away. Today I am going to talk about my current skin care routine which has helped my skin a lot and I have seen a huge difference since I started using the products.
Hailey's skincare routine
Hailey’s skincare routine
Before I start with the actually products I shall give you a little run down of my skin type just in case any of you lovely readers are the same as myself. I have very sensitive skin so I have to watch what I use, but in saying that I am also blemish prone as well. I have combination skin which is an oily t zone and dry everywhere else in case you weren’t sure. I am more on the dry side though and my skin needs all the moisture and hydration it can get. 

I use the same skin care routine morning and night, I need a thick moisturiser all the time as my skin loves drinking it but and I don’t like changing my routine too much. And lets be honest in the winter months an extra 15 mins in bed is more my thing that using different products. 

First off I use a cleanser to clean my face in the morning and at night and at the moment I am using Ultrabland from Lush. Ultrabland is an oil based cleanser and a little goes a long way. I apply a little to my fingers, warm the product up and then apply to my face. I massage it in before taking a damp cotton round and removing the cleanser. Ultrabland is great for breaking down make-up and dirt on the face and leaves my skin feels really silky and smooth. 
Cleanser and eye make-up remover
Cleanser and eye make-up remover
I then go in with another cleanser again from Lush called Let The Good Times Roll, which is a limited edition popcorn and cinnamon based cleanser that not only cleanses the skin, it also also lightly exfoliates the skin as well which for sensitive skin like mine I could only do once a week but this is perfect for using daily. It also helps with the drier areas buffing them away. The cinnamon helps bring the colour back into your skin and give a lovely glow which is what my skin needs especially in the winter.

After I have double cleansed I then go in with my Superdrug Tea Tree toner, I add tea tree into my routine due to the fact my skin is blemish prone so I try and add tea tree to help try and reduce blemishes. I do only tend to get hormonal blemishes now which is good, sadly nothing stops those. I spray it straight onto my face let it sit for a minute or so and then take the excess off with a cotton round.

I then go in with a serum to prepare my skin for my moisturiser and I use the Lush Full of Grace solid serum. You use Full of Grace like a massage bar, I warm it up between my hands before applying to my face. I let it sink into my skin for about 5 to 10 minutes before applying my moisturiser. 
Lovely Lush products
Lovely Lush products
I usually use two moisturises one for my t zone and one for my dry areas however I have ran out. I am currently using Lush Vanishing Cream which is great for oily skin but also moisturises and hydrates the skin without feeling oily or greasy. For my drier areas I was using Skin’s Shangri La which is a thicker moisturiser but that is what I like on my dry areas. 

Since I started using this combination of products morning and night I have noticed my skin has more of a glow, my redness has reduced and I know only get hormonal blemishes. I also use a face mask 3 times a week, I used Ren Invisible Pores Detoxing Mask once a week for a deep cleanse and then twice a week I used Lush Brazened Honey which is great for softening and reviving the skin.

What is your skin care routine like? What products do you use?


I’m sold on the Let The Good Times Roll. Hopefully I’ll be able to find this in an Australian Lush store before Christmas haha. Thank you so much again Hailey. If any other lovelies would like to guest post for me whilst I’m away, please get in touch.

Helen x

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