Soothe Sleep Oil, Seascape – Review

Soothe Sleep Oil, Seascape*
Soothe Sleep Oil, Seascape*

Shortly after receiving this Soothe Sleep Oil, I got ill. Don’t feel sorry for me because when I say “ill” I mean I had a sore throat and blocked nose for 24 hours. (I’m very lucky and rarely get ill. Diseased yes, ill no). So when I was failing miserably to fall asleep I remembered that I had my lovely Seascape oil at hand. I promptly whipped it off my bedside table and applied it to my pillow, under my nose, temples and neck. Even though it does not contain eucalyptus or menthol or any other sinus clearing oils, I found my nose cleared enough for me to fall asleep. Helen 1 Illness 0.

Sooth Sleep Oil contains 100% natural lavender essential oil. Well known for helping you to relax and now proven by me to unblock noses. Regular readers will know I’m not overly keen on lavender but this also contains grape seed, sweet almond, bitter orange and mandarin orange peel oil so smells delicious. Generally I do not have difficulty falling asleep. I love bed and bed loves me but this stuff smells so good that I like to put it on my pillow and enjoy the aroma as I drift off even when I’m not sick.

As for the packaging, like the other Uplift products I tried, it is beautiful. Simplistic and stylish. If you are struggling to sleep you won’t be going wrong by purchasing Pure Beauty Awards 2014 finalist Sooth Sleep Oil. a natural, local product that smells good and does the job. I will definitely be keeping this close at hand in case I get ill again but I imagine this will have ran out long before that happens at the rate I’ve been using it! Perfect for the winter sniffles.

Have you tried any sleep oils? What do you do when you’re struggling to sleep?

Helen x

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