Tinted Earth Cream & ‘Night Fall’ Natural Mineral Mascara, Dusty Girls – Review

 Tinted Earth Cream & Night Fall Natural Mineral Mascara, Dusty Girls
Tinted Earth Cream & ‘Night Fall’ Natural Mineral Mascara, Dusty Girls*
Last week I reviewed Aussie skincare MooGooDusty Girls are a range of beauty products from the MooGoo family. I had the pleasure of testing out the Tinted Earth Cream and their ‘Night Fall’ natural mineral mascara.

Tinted Earth Cream
Tinted Earth Cream

Sticking to MooGoos values, Dusty Girls are fragrance free, full of natural skin loving ingredients and suitable for a range of skin conditions. Tinted Earth Cream is great for those with acne as it is made with soothing oils such as manuka tree leaf oil. Regular reader’s will know that I have issues with the majority of tinted moisturizers and bb creams (my hair is naturally carrot colour and I don’t want my skin to match) so I’m always a bit worried when it comes to new products. This comes in two shades: light and medium. Being super pale I opted for light. On my first try, I used far more than necessary so I’d recommend using just half the amount you would normally. Despite receiving the light shade this did look quite dark when I squeezed it out but it blended in well to my skin. No embarrassing orange lines or comments from my housemates asking what was wrong with my face. Unlike the majority of bb creams, Tinted Earth Cream does not contain any silicone and tends to apply better to skin without mixing it with a moisturiser which is something I usually do with tinted products.

'Night Fall' Natural Mineral Mascara
‘Night Fall’ Natural Mineral Mascara

I don’t really wear much make up but one product I do often use is mascara but finding a good one can be tricky. I’ve never tried a natural mineral mascara before so was really excited. Many people with sensitive eyes cannot use mascara due to the pine resin which some people react too. Thankfully this mascara doesn’t contain any of this so people with sensitive eyes rejoice! ‘Night Fall‘ has far surpassed any I’ve tried before. My lashes didn’t clump together, it lasted the majority of the day and was easy to remove later on with MooGoo’s Cleansing Oil. The tube itself is smaller than I was expecting but the quantity was plentiful. I think this is perfect handbag/clutchbag size and would be ideal for travelling.

I really like the packaging of both theses products. Made from 100% recycled cardboard and in calm pastel colours, to me they would attract my attention on shop shelves. I think Dusty Girls is designed to attract the late teens to early twenties make up market. This as a good thing as all their products use natural, caring ingredients and are not tested on animals unlike the majority of the make up market so this is a great range to get hooked on. I’m in my mid twenties and looking forward to trying more Dusty Girls products. Cute packaging, contents that work like they are suppose to and ran by a company with strong ethics and morals. What’s not to love?

What are your favourite MooGoo and Dusty Girls products? Have you tried mineral make up before?

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