Tea With Alice, an adult Easter alternative + 20% off! – Review

I'll Have What She's Having, Tea With Alice*
I’ll Have What She’s Having, Tea With Alice*

Right now there seems to be a subscription box for everything so you can imagine how happy I was to hear about Australian company Tea With Alice, a monthly box of handpicked speciality teas. Each month you receive 4 packets of loose leaf tea, each enough for roughly 8 cups, based on your preferences which you select on the website (black, green & herbal are the current choices.) Your first delivery includes a super cute strawberry shaped tea strainer worth $10 and a nifty canvas bag to store everything in. I opted for black and green.

Tea With Alice
Tea With Alice

The first I tried is from their special Easter range ‘I’ll Have What She’s Having’, (picture at the top) a black tea with cacao nibs and chocolate. This tea is a chocoholics dream in a cup, a differently delicious alternative treat. To me this tea smells like opening up a bag of Mini Eggs. A flavoursome black tea with a subtle kick of sweetness which is good with as soya milk, needing little to no sugar. The tea Willy Wonka would drink.

Royal Britannia
Royal Britannia

Being a stereotypical tea drinking Brit, I was happy to see ‘Royal Britannia’, a typical English Breakfast tea. I was surprised when I read that this was made with a combination of organic Sri Lankan and super fine tippy golden flowery orange pekoe leaves as my love of tea started when my parents brought back the first loose leaf tea I tried from Sri Lanka. Bagged tea never quite hit the spot after that. This tea is simple and tastes exactly how an English Breakfast tea should.

Crouching Tiger | Easy Being Green
Crouching Tiger | Easy Being Green

The other two teas were green. ‘Crouching Tiger’ is a fresh, delicate tea made with a combination of Japanese and Chinese leaves. This one is mild which is how I think green teas should be. I just have to remember not to over brew because green tea burns easily making it taste quite bitter. Fortunately Tea With Alice teas state the recommended brewing times on the back of each packed as well as the ideal temperature to add the water. Now I just need to buy one of those fancy ridiculously expensive kettles where you can set the temperature.
The final tea was ‘Easy Being Green’, a zingy mix of Chinese shensha green tea, chamomile, lemongrass and peppermint. A relaxing, cleansing tea which I’m currently enjoying early in the afternoon on my days off work.

Overall I’m really impressed and wish I was in one place for long enough on my travels so that I could keep gettting these boxes. A good mix which will sort out my tea fix for a while. Tea With Alice also has a caramel tea, strawberry and cream tea as well as a post-easter-binge detox tea in their current Easter box. Britain, you need to catch up with Australia with tea deliveries because who wouldn’t want top quality teas from around the world delivered to your door?

This year instead of scoffing on chocolate, let’s put the kettle on and have a have a natter. Well… I guess a little chocolate won’t hurt.

If you are living in Australia (sorry homies) then you can get a whopping 20% off all box subscriptions. Just enter TEAINTHETUB at the checkout.

What’s your favourite tea? Would you sign up to a UK based tea service?

Helen x

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*PR supplied product. Opinions my own.

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