Unicorn Horn, Lush – Review

Unicorn Horn, Lush
Unicorn Horn, Lush
Yes, I know I’m late reviewing this but better late than never hey? When Lush products come out in the UK, they take a while to hit the shelves in Australia. In fact they have only just got the mothers day and Easter range in. Getting hold of a real unicorns horn would have been easier as within a couple of days of Unicorn Horn arriving in Melbourne, they had sold out! Luckily they still had some In Your Dreams gift sets left so I snatched one up. This included a Granny Takes A Dip ballistic which I gave to my boyfriend as I cannot stand the smell of ginger and this one reaks of it.
Unicorn Horn is by far the prettiest bubble bar I’ve ever seen. Its rainbow coloured with stars on and you can run around the house with it on your forehead making horsey noises worrying your housemates about your mental state of mind. Plus it sounds like some strange herbal aphrodisiac you grind up and drink in a tea. On looks alone I would have added several to my basket if I’d had the chance but I’m actually glad I didn’t.

A product this cute surely must have an equally enticing aroma to match but no, I was disappointed. I think a lot of thought went into the design of this but the smell was a mere afterthought. I’m not saying that it smelt bad, the slight lavender smell was pleasant I was just expecting something more. More layers to the smell and stronger too.
The size of a Unicorn Horn is probably enough for 2 to 3 baths but I was very eager and wanted a potent, bubbly bath so used the whole thing in one go but sadly the scent wasn’t enough for my greedy nostrils.
In general this is a nice product, especially if you’re not a fan of the usual strong smells associated with Lush. A Unicorn Horn would be perfect to entice smelly little girls into the bathtub. You could even make it into a little game ‘crumble the magic horn under the water and make a wish.’

This product was very popular so I can definitely see it making a return at some point. Perhaps I’ll buy another one then and give it a second chance, if not it will just remain on my shelf looking pretty and magical.
Did you try Unicorn Horn? What did you think?

Helen x

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2 thoughts on “Unicorn Horn, Lush – Review

  • March 29, 2015 at 1:54 am

    I never had a chance to grab the unicorn horn, now that youv'e said the smell was super subtle I'm not mad! I love to mix the phoenix rising and big blue bombs, a littel of each goes a long way!

    • March 30, 2015 at 8:24 am

      I've never had the idea of mixing bombs together. My mind is blown haha. Defo have to try mixing soon. I'm sure this will be rereleased so maybe next time you can try it out.


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