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I love swaps in the blogging community. So far I’ve taken part in a Christmas Swap and a Mug Swap so I was happy to see that Gemma from Lipstick & Lashes was doing another #BloggerSnailMail.
In this swap you get randomly matched with another blogger from around the world with a spending limit of £5. You then have a few weeks to get to know each other through email and of course, their blog before posting your inspired gifts.

Coincidentally I was matched with the host Gemma herself who I really enjoyed getting to know (Yay. New friend!) I found out she was quite new to running and doing her first 10k so thought I’d make her a running plan as I’ve written a few before plus the weekly organiser might come in handy with her new job.
She is coming to Australia later in the year so thought of her as soon as I saw the travel face mask. So silky and comfy. I should have got myself one for the flight back…
I also picked out a unicorn pencil from much raved about Smiggle as well as a couple of cute random things like hipster bunny charity tissues, sticky labels oh and a free pen from the Post Office haha. All things I’d be chuffed to receive. Then her parcel to me arrived.
Thoughtful gifts I received
Thoughtful gifts I received

Wow! Her parcel knocked mine into the ground. I didn’t even think to wrap my gifts up. Oops.
Gemma got the perfect gifts for me and I’m pretty sure she blew her £5 budget. The travel scrapbook will be great for sticking in my little mementos like boarding passes, tickets etc for me to look back at.
The kitty unicorn bag has come in so handy for when I go to dance class and have to carry my heels plus it’s a kitty unicorn, need I say more?
The little butterfly decoration is on my bedroom wall making it a home away from home but the thing I think I appreciate the most was the travel cup. Life saver!

I love my mug ♡
I love my mug ♡
For weeks I’d been eyeing up thermos cups in stores and the day before Gemmas parcel arrived I came very close to dishing out hard earned dollar on one. Cold winter 6.45am trains are much more bearable with a hot cup of tea. MIND READER. Thank you so so much for all the lovely things. I hope you liked the things I chose you too.

Good news everybody! Gemma is running another #BloggerSnailMail right now but be quick as you only have until the 29th May (This Friday!) I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Have you been involved in any blogger swaps before? What kind of swap would be your favourite?

Helen x

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