The food of Aztecs: Nature’s Way Super Chia – Review

Nature's Way Super Chia
Nature’s Way Super Chia

I am a sucker for health food crazes. One I latched onto and have stuck with a couple of years ago is chia seeds. As a runner I’ve read many things about chia seeds being known as the runners superfood. Apparently the ancient Aztec warriors would munch on them too.

Not only are they an amazing food (keep reading if you don’t believe me), they are also a very versatile ingredient. When added to liquid, they form a goo making them really good to use in a healthy version of a chocolate pudding. They are also nice to top onto your cereal for added texture.

Shortly after moving to Australia I saw Nature’s Way Super Chia in a supermarket. There were three samples and I tried them all.
Super Chia Greens – Containing spirulina, barleygrass, wheatgrass and broccoli
Super Chia Berry – Containing organic acai, blueberry, goji and pomegranate
Super Chia Cacao – Pretty self explanatory… Lots of cacao.
They are sold in a box containing seven 15g sachets of chia mixed with superfood powders. You add to water to make into a drink much like squash. The cacao one is better to mix with a milk of your choice and tastes a lot like a milkshake. It mixes easily with a spoon. I didn’t find it formed clumps or anything like that which is good. You just have to make sure you stir it before you drink else all the seeds will have sunk to the bottom. This is a good way to boost your daily nutrients whilst keeping you hydrated.

Nature's Way Super Chia

One running website states that chia seeds are “Omega-3 essential fatty acids, antioxidants, protein, calcium, iron, potassium, vitamins A, B, E, and D, as well as other key minerals. Even better, all that punch is wrapped up in a small package, making chia one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the market. Just two tablespoons of chia seeds contains 10 grams of fiber, 6 grams of protein, more calcium than milk, more Omega-3s than salmon, more iron than spinach, and more antioxidants than blueberries.” (Source here)

Nature’s Way Super Chai mixes are available in most supermarkets and chemists and are not expensive. I tried Super Chia Berry which was fruity and refreshing on a summers day. I think I will be buying the cacoa mix next to get a chocolate fix in a healthy way. 

If you are unable to find these (hello UK readers!), I think it would be simple to recreate. Mix 1 to 2 table spoons of chia seeds with your regular green mix. Yum. I know thats what I’ll be doing when I’m back home.

Do you eat any superfoods on a regular basis? Have you got any strange healthy recipes to share?

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4 thoughts on “The food of Aztecs: Nature’s Way Super Chia – Review

  • May 20, 2015 at 7:43 pm

    These look really good, and sound like they taste nice too, theres nothing worse than really horrible drinks x

  • May 21, 2015 at 10:06 am

    Interesting, I've never tried any of these before. I hate mixing powders that go lumpy so these sounds ideal x


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