Top 5 discontinued Lush products

Every now and then Lush discontinue products to make room for exciting new ones. Sadly this means saying goodbye to some we love. Here are my top 5.

Top 5 discontinued Lush products
Top 5 discontinued Lush products

1. All That Jas bath bomb
This one had the scent of Silky Underwear which is one of my most favourite scents. I can’t think of a smell nicer to bathe in.

2. Fox in the Flowers bath bomb
When I was younger this was one of the first bath bombs from Lush I had. I’d always buy one of these every time I popped into the store. I loved all the flowers that were released from this bomb. It smelt like rolling around in a meadow.

3. Chameleon bath bomb
This smelt fantastic. Zesty, uplifting grapefruit and tropical fruits. plus all the money minus the VAT went towards the Animal Protection Agency. I’d love for something with this smell to come back. Plus I loved how it was colour changing, just like a chameleon.

4. Red Rooster soap
I find it quite annoying how the only time I can get my spicy Lush fix is to wait until Christmas for their spicy shower gel. I need spice all year round! Maybe re-release this or change it slightly. Chai tea soap? Yes please.

5. Mrs Whippy bath bomb
Creamy and delicious with a vanillary aroma and slight hint of strawberry sauce. This vegan delight was like bathing in cream itself. My skin was left so soft. I regret just buying the one.

Did you ever try any of these products? What are your favourite discontinued products?

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