Pure Hydration Serum, Herbfarmacy – Review

I love green skincare so was thrilled when I won a full size 15g Pure Hydration Serum on a Herbfarmacy Instagram giveaway a while ago. Herbfarmacy are an organic British skincare company based in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside. I live the neighbouring country of Gloucestershire so was happy to find out that they are only about an hour away.

Pure Hydration Serum, Herbfarmacy
Pure Hydration Serum, Herbfarmacy

Pure Hydration Serum’s two main ingredients are marshmallow and buckwheat. Buckwheat is high in anti-oxidants (and we can’t get enough of those!) and marshmallow is super softening. Despite being made with these lovely ingredients, this serum is definitely not floral but does have a sweet, light herby fragrance which I really like.

I found this very moisturising yet super light to use under your regular moisturiser and not make your face sticky and shiny. When I ran out of moisturiser, this was enough on its own to nourish my skin for the rest of the day. This serum is suitable to use in the morning and the evening after cleansing your face. It’s also really good for sensitive skin and I found that this also works well as an eye serum.
I did not find this to be as skin plumping as I was hoping but I did feel a slight tightening feeling which is always welcoming. The less forehead creases the better.

Many of you know that I’m currently in Australia. I actually asked for it to be sent with a parcel of things from home as I forgot to pack it. I started using it in the UK and am sad to report that I’ve now finished the tube here in Aus. Whilst the bottle is small it lasted me a long time and really did the job. Luckily Herbfarmacy offer international postage so I wont have to fly a few thousand miles to get more.

Herbfarmacy are opening their farm to the public on Friday the 17th to Monday 20th July with guided tours so of you live in or near Hereford then book your place as it looks so pretty. I’m very jealous that I cannot attend.

Have you tried any Herbfarmacy products Are there any skincare companies local to you?

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