Celebrate Body Lotion, Lush – Review

Celebrate Body Lotion, Lush
Celebrate Body Lotion, Lush
In July I attended a VIP Limited Editions event at Lush in Brisbane. Whilst I was disappointed at Australia’s lack of new Christmas products, I did buy something that I hadn’t tried before. Celebrate body moisturiser.

Celebrate has the same zesty fragrance ad the beloved Golden Wonder bath ballistic. Uplifting lime oil and Brazilian orange extract with an added shot of cognac to add a bit of merriment (there’s also a non-alcoholic version available). I’m not actually a fan of Golden Wonder but I’m in love with the smell of this lotion.

Celebrate is very oily for my skin. It’s main ingredients are cocoa butter and almond oil which both usually absorb well. I’ve applied it sparingly in the morning but my legs are still greasy in the evening which is a shame.

It smells amazing so found alternative ways to use it. It makes a great foot lotion. Apply before bed and pop on a pair of socks and you’ll wake up with soft silky feet. The oily consistence makes this great for massages too (any excuse eh?) The strangest thing I’ve tried doing is applying it before a shower. Most of it washes away but you come out pre-moisturised and smelling delicious. This also works nicely as a night moisturiser, waking up with soft skin each time.

I won’t be buying this again as it didn’t really work for me despite the amazing smell. I’ll stick with the other amazing body lotions that Lush make.

Have you tried Celebrate? Which Christmas a Lush items are you excited to try this year?

Helen x

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