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Hello! It’s been a while since I posted but I’m safe and sound back in the UK and have more time to blog. While I was in New Zealand, I signed up to the November edition of The Vegan Kind beauty subscription box. I’m already a fan of their regular monthly box but thought my beauty cupboard needed some new things for me to enjoy when I arrived back home and everyone loves surprised in the post (Hence this review is very overdue). The beauty box is quarterly so is better for me financially, especially when the products inside are worth so much more

The Vegan Kind Beauty Box, November Edition
The Vegan Kind Beauty Box, November Edition

The products in this months edition are:

The Vegan Kind Beauty Box

My favourite product in this months box is definitely the Vegan Button Mirror. Another item from TVK.  They will be stocking this cutie very soon. I love it. I want to carry it around everywhere with me and show it off to everyone but I don’t want to scratch it either. I guess if I do then I’ll just have to buy another!

The next product I was very happy with is Spectrum Collections Concealer and Eyeshadow Brush. Before I left the country I started to buy some make up brushes and an eyeshadow brush was still on my to buy list. At first I thought the brush would be too big to apply to the small little bits of your eyelid but I found it applied and blended with no problems.

I was happy to see a 200ml jar of Cocoyou coconut oil. Some of you may have recently heard that Cocoyou is TVK‘s first and super new own-brand product as they have opened up a shop on Amazon. I’m already a big fan of coconut oil as it is so versatile plus I’d been wanting to try oil pulling for a while. This comes in a more user-friendly sized jar so perfect for your beauty shelf. I’ve already used it as a hair mask to reduce split ends and add shine and so far so good.

Emani Lip Shine

The Vegan Kind Beauty Box

Unfortunately I don’t really use lip gloss. Emani Vegan Cosmetics Soulamate Lipshine is a beautiful colour and smells really nice due to the organic fruit extracts so I think I’m going to save it and give to someone as a present.

I’m already a fan of Green People having reviewed their sunscreen in the past so in looking forward to trying this shampoo when I run out of my current one. This trial size will be perfect for taking to the swimming pool and spa. (Ha! I could be so lucky) plus my hair is in a right state so this’ll be just what it needs.

Another product that will get used up in no time is the Human+Kind Hand, Elbow and Foot Cream. I love giving foot massages and always apply foot cream so whilst I’ll be using it, it will be my lucky friends and family who will benefit. Hopefully I’ll get some use out of it too as it has a lovely floral smell and I get dry hands in this cold harsh weather so maybe I’ll use it up before I get the chance to rub any feet.

As with TVK‘s regular box, 20p from each box is donated to an ethical charity nominated by us, the customers and this months is one very important to me, The Dr Hadwen Trust (DHT): “The UK’s leading non-animal medical research charity who fund and promote the development of techniques and procedures to replac the use of animals in biomedical research.”
I’m excited to see what will be in the next box which is due in February so you still have time to sign up. Like their regular box, you can cancel at anytime so if you want to stop then its easy to do and no problem at all.

This months contents were worth £32.97 excluding the shampoo sample. The Vegan Kind beauty box costs £18.15 including postage every 3 months.

Are you signed up to any vegan boxes? What would you like to see in February’s box?

Helen x 

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