Quite Random Birthday Wishlist #2

So it’s my birthday tomorrow and I didn’t do a birthday list last year as I was busy gallivanting around the world (AKA being unemployed in Melbourne). I’ve already been very spoilt this year but there’s no harm in creating a little list now is there?

1. Pokemon X, Nintendo 3DS – £30.70

Last month I was my partner spoiled me and bought me a Nintendo 3DS as an early birthday present. I’m a big Pokemon nerd and really like the look of Pokemon X. I love fantasy games where you can roam around but I need a storyline/goal to keep me interested so I think this will do the job nicely.
Soapnuts have an incredible ethical ethos and producing bath products makes me love them even more. As a massive chai tea fan, I can’t think of anything more relaxing than soaking in a bath full of it.
3. Art Deco elephant caddy, Williamson Tea – £8.50
I recently reviewed Williamson Tea and have been lusting after one of their tea caddys ever since. I think this one is especially beautiful. This one has mint green tea inside which is one of my favourite refreshing tea flavours. £1 from the sales of their caddys goes to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust which helps rehabilitate orphaned elephant and rhino calves. Double win!
4. Reckless Designs
I would love anything from Reckless Designs. A mug, a vase, a plate, anything. I already have a stripey cup, plate and sugar pot so would like to add to my collection. They are a very local company to me (2 miles down the road) and have seen global success. If you like the comedy show Absolutely Fabulous then look closely next time and you’ll notice some Reckless Designs in their kitchen. In fact their products have featured in many shows. Like an entertainment/pottery Easter Egg hunt.
5. Wonderful Gift Set, Lush – £56.95
I can dream right? This is a wishlist after all… Contains 11 Lush products which I haven’t *SHOCK* tried before. A little piece of heaven in a box. At this price though I think I’ll dream on.
6. Massage Voucher
There are a few local places that offer really nice sounding treatments at really good prices lately. I’ve been desperate for a proper massage since doing my Australian farm work so it is very overdue.
What is/was on your birthday list this year? Do you own anything from my list?
Helen x 
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