Shoreditch Vaporisers & E-Liquids – Review + Discount Code

Today I’m talking about the controversial topic of vaping. I am not and have never been a smoker or indeed a vaper but I totally support those who do vape. My partner smoked for 10 years+ and during our time in Australia he decided it was time he quit. He tried nicotine gum, mouth sprays, going cold turkey, each resulting in returning to smoking. I lost two grandparents to lung cancer so I fully supported each of his attempts.
Shoreditch E-Liquids*
Shoreditch E-Liquids*
Filling a vaporiser with Shoreditch e-liquid
Filling a vaporiser with Shoreditch e-liquid

You can buy cheap, dodgy vaporisers or you can buy quality ones from companies like Shoreditch. The same applies to liquids. You can buy them online from places like China where there are minimal/no regulations or you can buy fully regulated liquids containing food grade ingredients and pharmaceutical grade nicotine. It’s a no-brainer. Shoreditch offer high quality UK made liquids at very reasonable prices.

Shoreditch are a fully-flexible monthly delivery service with free 1st class delivery. They send out your order quickly and in letter-box friendly sized packaging. You can cancel or change your order at any time.

When you sign up, there is a a nifty calculator which works out how much you could save by vaping based on your current cigarette usage. For example, if you smoke 2 cigarettes a day you could save £22 a month or if you smoke 20 a day, that’s a saving of £208 (£2496 in a year)
Normally e-liquids will cost you £3.33 but if you use the code at the bottom of the page you can get 3 bottles of e-liquid for just 99p incliding P&P!!! (Worth £9.99)
The nicotine buzz is what many smokers crave and the ‘hit’ the vape gives was enough to make my partner and his mum quit. Depending on the kind of smoker you are, Shoreditch offer varying strengths so you can choose whatever works for you. 
Yes nicotine is addictive and comes with many side-effects (like caffeine and pain-killers do if abused) but I would rather loved ones puff on juice made from food-grade flavourings, propylene glycol (the main ingredients in asthma inhalers), vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. 
This is infinitely more attractive than the *4000+ chemicals in the average cigarette including 43 known cancer-causing (carcinogenic) compounds and 400 other toxins like tar, and carbon monoxide, as well as formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic, and DDT.* [Stats from here]
In fact vaping is supported by the NHS and Cancer Research UK. A government report from August 2015 even found that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than tobacco and has not been linked at a “gateway” to cigarettes. Excellent news!
My partner tried the best selling Lime Sorbet and the Peppermint Chocolate in mid-strength 12mg and Spiced Apple flavour in the lower-strength 6mg. Lime Sorbet was his favourite as he said it tasted a lot like real limes with a refreshing ‘icy’ after taste, just like eating a sorbet. Peppermint Chocolate was a close second with a stronger mint taste rather than being too chocolatey. He still enjoyed the Spiced Apple very much, it just had stiff competition with the other two flavour. Overall he was very impressed, especially when I told him how much they usually cost. He often spends £10+ on just one liquid and that is excluding P&P so  he will be making the switch to Shoreditch e-liquids.
Shoreditch E-Liquids
Shoreditch currently offer 21 flavours varying from tobacco flavours all the way to sweet flavours like bubblegum. A flavour for everyone and for those looking to quit smoking who have tried everything, then I’d really stress to give vaping a go. This is why I am giving away a Shoreditch One Vape Pen set. Not only does it have a sleek, pocket-sized, elegant design but it also has a great battery life. A fantastic item for yourself or someone you know.
Get 3 liquids for 99p (worth £9.99) including 1st class delivery by entering the code: HELENS6168
Have you quit smoking before? What vape flavour combinations would you make?
Helen x 

*PR supplied product. Opinions are my own.

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