A Spicy Summer Tea Hamper with Yogi Tea + GIVEAWAY!

We have been really lucky with the weather recently so I have been experimenting with iced teas. A few weeks ago I received perhaps the best parcel ever, a glorious Summer Hamper from Yogi Tea. I am already a big Yogi Choco Tea fan so couldn’t wait to see what was inside.
Yogi Tea Summer Hamper
Yogi Tea Summer Hamper*
When I think of summer tea, I think of fruity concoctions and airy green blends so I was surprised to find a hamper full of chai. Chai is my most favourite but not one I associate with summer. Yogi Tea were one step ahead of my thinking and supplied me with a selection of recipe cards showing me how to turn my tea into refreshing summer drinks. I had a go at making a Green Ice Chai and you can too. Here is the recipe card: 

Green Ice Chai Ingredients & Method
Green Ice Chai Ingredients & Method
The delicious result
The delicious result
Yogi Tea have revamped their Finest Selection box which included a few I hadn’t tried before. Woman’s Tea was so relaxing and calming. I was expecting a bland chamomile tea but instead it was mildly spicy with orange peel and cloves. Just what I needed after yet another stressful shift. 
I would never have thought about turning chai into iced teas but it works so well. In fact I found the Sweet Chai tasted so much better mixed with orange juice and ice than it did on it’s own. I will certainly be being more creative with my chai whilst the sun is still shining.
A really unique thing I love is the little tags on Yogi teabags. They each carry an uplifting, thought-provoking message to get your through the day. However, I work in the tourism/retail industry so I can’t say I agree with this one:
A funny joke if you work in retail
“The art of happiness is to serve all.” A funny joke if you work in retail
The Yogi Tea principles are based around living a holistic lifestyle and the teaching of yoga so not only are their teas delicious, they are also full of ayurveda health properties.
“Ayurveda is a traditional Indian doctrine that recommends a self-aware lifestyle and a holistic approach to body, mind and soul as the keys to a long and balanced life.” 

Ayurveda is a word you may have heard of, especially if you enjoy yoga. Yogi Tea explains all about it much better than I could here. 
I feel well and truly spoilt by Yogi Tea so want to share the love. As much as I want to keep the cup for myself, my cupboard is overloaded so I would rather it go to a good home where it will be appreciated. As well as the limited edition mug, you’ll get:
1x 20 bag box Yogi Original Tea
1x 20 bag box Licorice & Mint Tea
Win me!
Win me!
Helen x 

*PR supplied samples. All thoughts and opinions are my own

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