Boo Bath Melt, Lush – Review

Boo Bath Melt, Lush
Boo Bath Melt, Lush
Like many bath lovers and Autumnal fans, I was eager to try the new limited edition Lush Halloween range. I chose a Boo Bath Melt but was I left devilishly delighted or ghoulishly grave?

Boo has a subtle smell which doesn’t stand out amongst the other products in the shop which is one of the reasons I chose it. The old style Floating Island bath melt was another less potent smelling dreamboat.
The smell is quite familiar but I’m not sure how. Perhaps from a retired Lush product of old? I notice this has ginger oil in (eww!) but fortunately I could not detect any. Instead it was a delicate light chocolatey aroma with a hint of sandalwood which I loved.
It is quite large for a bath melt and turned my bath a milky colour. The fair-trade cocoa butter made it really skin softening. So much so that I didn’t need any body lotion after. 
At £3.50 this was a luxurious treat but not one I can justify buying often. However, if it graces us with its otherworldly presence next year then I will be buying it again.
Have you tried Boo? What’s your favourite limited edition Lush product?

Helen x 

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