Bluebird Tea Co, Vegan Advent Calendar / Day 8 – 14

Another week has passed and I have been very pleasantly surprised by the last 7 days worth of treats. Here are the tealicious things I received in the Bluebird Tea Co vegan advent calendar:Bluebird Tea Co, Vegan Advent Calendar / Day 8 - 17

Day 8 – Morning Kick
Yet another award winning tea and I can see why. Packed with lemongrass and yerba mate (and a tiny bit of ginger), this was a really refreshing way to start my Thursday.
Day 9 – Peppermint
Bluebird don’t really do “normal” tea so I am luck to try an exclusive tea made of 100% peppermint, unavailable to purchase on their website. I really like mint tea so I drank this one after dinner.
Day 10 – Jelly + Ice Cream
One of their summer blends, there are only very limited supplied left on their site so be quick!
I took this one to work with me expecting a herbal tea but this is actually rooibos based which made it even better! This was really sweet so a perfect treat on my break. It can be drank with milk but I drank it as it was. I hope this one comes back next summer.
A really nice fruit tea I had over summer. This one I drank hot. Unlike the common disappointment of fruit teas smelling better than they taste, this one actually tastes even better than it smells.
In the summed, I brewed it in vodka for 24 hours then strained it into lemonade for an amazing cocktail. However, I didn’t want to wait a day to drink this and alas, no vodka.
Day 12 – Vegan chocolate truffle
Another amazingly creamy and slightly caramel tasting vegan truffle chocolate. I really wish I knew the brand name.
The nicest chocolate EVER
The nicest chocolate EVER
Day 13 – Mulled Wine Tea Candle
I had heard rumours that this advent calendar may have a candle in so I was expecting a plain white tealight candle, definitely not this little beauty. 
This is the cutest candle in the world! Presented in the same kind of tiny tin that the matcha sample came in. The candle even has little bits of orange peel and cinnamon in. As well as being super cute, it also smells sweet with hints of orange and a tiny bit of spice. I think I will burn this on Christmas Eve.
Day 14 – Earl Grey Creme
I have recently been drinking more earl grey than usual. This one is made with proper ingredients rather than flavourings that a lot of main stream brands get away with. I also like the vanilla pieces as they give the tea  creamy aftertaste.
I can’t believe that I am over half way through already! I cannot wait to see what I get over the next few days.
Have you ever had a tea scented candle before? What nice things have you gotten in your advent calendar?
Helen x 

2 thoughts on “Bluebird Tea Co, Vegan Advent Calendar / Day 8 – 14

  • October 16, 2017 at 4:32 pm

    The best thing that could ever happen for tea lever out there. I do not think I have ever seen an advent calendar solely dedicated to the tea lover.

  • June 12, 2018 at 8:11 am

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