The Unibox, January – Review

Last month I tried out the brand spanking new subscription box The Unibox. A monthly care pack for students full of various lifestyle items from treats to vouchers. I received mine just as my second term was about to begin a few days before an exam! Here are my thoughts:

The Unibox
The Unibox

The products in this months edition are:

2x Purition Protein Powder – £2.50 each
Spare Fruit Apple crisps – £1.25
Popcorn tea, teapigs – £4.49
NomNom Honeycomb 100g Chocolate – £3.50
£20 Teech voucher
Voost Calcium & Vitamin D Effervescent Supplements – £2.99
Bubble Off Tonka Bean & Lime room spray – £5

As well as all this, it includes a little magazine called Tub (great name eh?) which contains budget friendly recipes, ideals on how to upcycle your unibox and how to set goals and stick to them. What a great idea. The perfect thing for any student.
Purition Samples
Purition Samples
Purition are Vegetarian Society Approved (yay!). I am allergic to certain nuts and macadamia is one I am unsure of so I gave this one to my partner who drank it after a run. He said that is had a pleasant texture but it wasn’t sweet enough for his gigantic sweet tooth. I participated in Veganuary this year so have not yet tried the chocolate flavour as these contain milk products.
I was happy to see a Calcium/Vit D supplement. I will be 29 soon and was diagnosed with osteoporosis in the summer. Our bodies use calcium to build up our bone density but only until we get to the age of around 35. After that we can consume all the calcium we like but our bones will not use the stores as ‘building blocks’. Luckily my diagnosis is reversible due to my bones still absorbing the stores (AKA, being young enough) but as it is due from steroids I  take daily to live, I am not going to get my hopes up. Either way, I have upped my calcium and vitamin D levels drastically. 
I’m a mature student at uni, but if you’re closer to the age of 18 rather than 30, calcium is SO important right now and these effervescent tablets actually taste AMAZING! I’ve been popping these bad boys into my water bottle at uni.  

I love dried fruit, especially sour mango and pineapple but I haven’t tried actual fruit crisps before. I was very worried that they would just taste like burnt apply but oh how wrong I was. They had that same moreish crunch you get from crisps but with the taste of a fresh apple. The fact that these snacks are made from leftover fruit that would otherwise go to waste is amazing! Having worked on several fruit and veg farms in Australia, the amount of perfectly edible food chucked on the floor to rot is disgusting.
I opened up this packet almost directly after I opened the Unibox. I am just sad that from having a quick look online, they only seem to be available in London at the moment.

Whilst I’m all for the healthy treats, a bit of chocolate never goes amiss (plus dark chocolate is actually good for you in small amounts as it is full of antioxidants and iron). I go to uni in Cardiff so I was glad to see something Welsh in the box. I love honeycomb and whilst this bar was very, very enjoyable, it would have been so much better if it had more honeycomb bits in it.

A&P Revision Fuel
A&P Revision Fuel
One of my earliest reviews was a collaboration with teapigs. They are one of my favourite brands so when I opened my box, the first thing that drew my eyes was this full sized box of popcorn tea. I was thrilled as I had almost ordered this exact same flavour a day or so before. Popcorn tea is one of my favourites as it tastes like you are drinking rice crispies.
The next think that caught my attention was Bubble Off’s room spray. I light soy based candles to fragrance my room to be as chemical-free as possible because sprays in general are really bad for your health and even worse for the environment. This one is completely vegan and chemical-free! Wahooo!
It is in a metal spritz bottle which I have been using on my curtains, bedding and even inside my wardrobe. The scent is lovely and strong and lasts a long time. I have noticed on their website that they have a bubblegum scented spray which I will definitely be buying when this one runs out.
The final item was the £20 voucher. I cannot explain what Teech is very well so it is better to look on their website but basically if you have any questions regarding certain aspects on your course then this site puts you in touch with tutors around the UK to answer you. £20 will get you around a 2 month subscription. This is going to come in very handy when I start revising for my next Anatomy and Physiology exam.
Overall I was really pleased with my box. If you sign up using this link you’ll get £5 off your first box! I found out that there may be marshmallows in the next box and as they are not vegetarian, I have temporarily cancelled my subscription but will definitely be signing up to their future (hopefully veggie friendly) boxes.
What item most appeals to you from this box? What is your favourite kind of subscription box?
Helen x 

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