Buy One Set One Free, Lush – Review

I love a limited edition Lush item or two (thousand), especially ones that raise money for incredible charities. Their latest bath ballistic is no exception and has an amazing fragrance to boot!
Buy One Set One Free, Lush
Buy One Set One Free, Lush
Buy One Set One Free is great if you like spicy smells. Imagine an incense filled hippie stall at a festival and wandering through a cathedral. This is what it smells like. Sandlewood, cloves, neroli, and lemon myrtle to name but a few. A very unisex fragrance and is totally glitter free. 
This is definitely a treat for your senses, turning your water into a lovely orange colour filled with spicy fragrance. A simple ballistic with a powerful message. 
Baths are already one of the greatest pleasures on earth, but they always feel better knowing you’ve done a good deed. 
100% of all proceeds minus VAT go to human rights charity Reprieve, fighting to get Andy Tsege off death row. Kidnapped and held illegally by the Ethiopian government with no contact to his family or even a lawyer, today (March 20th) marks his 1000th day on death row. Read more about this HERE.
What are your favorite limited edition Lush products? Which charities do you like to support?
Helen x 

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