Fleabag Friday | Alfie & Archer

This week we have a very exciting first on Fleabag Friday. Let Maddie from MCADEART introduce her very fluffy and even more adorable chinchillas Alfie and Archer!

Alfie & Archer
Alfie & Archer

I have two gorgeous little chinchillas named
Alfie and Archer and they are almost a year old now! They are brothers and
sleep snuggled up together in their nest box every day. Alfie is the bigger
brother and he is a lighter grey colour than Archer who is much darker and a
little smaller.

They have the softest fur and the fluffiest
tails and they love to be let out of their cage and run around the living room.
However, they also love to chew through
electrical wires and pretty much anything they can get their teeth into so I
have to keep a close eye on them while they are roaming around! I’ve had to
replace some chargers because of their chewing habits! Because their teeth are
constantly growing they have to chew things to keep them trimmed down or they can
end up with dental problems, so I give them plenty of sticks and hay to nibble
on to keep them healthy.

A sand box
A sand box
Looking cute!
Looking cute!

Chinchillas are rodents and, like rats, have big
personalities and high intelligence. They are also social creatures and like to
have company so if you are thinking of getting one but will be out most of the
day, it’s a good idea to get two so that they don’t get lonely while you’re
out. Mine have grown up together and have bonded and I would have felt so bad
separating them! They sometimes bark at each other but always end up cuddled up
together at the end of the day 🙂 They also make the cutest chirping noises
when they are investigating something new and communicating with each other.

They can jump really high for their size and
require a lot of room to run around so any cage you keep them in should be
quite large. Archer and Alfie’s cage is almost as tall as me!
They cannot get wet! (like gremlins!)
Chinchillas bathe in a dust bath instead of water. Because their fur is so
thick it gets mouldy if it gets damp and this can even kill them! If you want
to see something super cute, youtube a chinchilla having a dust bath 🙂
Chinchillas make great pets but definitely do
some research before getting some as they have some requirements like I
mentioned above! They can live up to 20 years old as well so they are a big
If you have any questions on chinchillas or
Alfie and Archer please feel free to ask 🙂
Love Maddie xxx
Roaming around
Roaming around

If you are interested in taking part in Fleabag Fridays, please get in touch. All pets are welcome from snails to ferrets. Just comment below or tweet me @teainthetub.
There will be a COMPETITION in the future where all participants past and present will have a chance at winning.

Helen x 

5 thoughts on “Fleabag Friday | Alfie & Archer

  • May 7, 2017 at 12:51 pm

    My friend that lived in my street when I was younger had a chinchilla and I always loved watching it. I remember it jumping around the room a lot x

  • June 4, 2017 at 11:24 am

    What an adorable post! I adore chinchillas! It's amazing how long such a small animal can live for. Great post.

  • June 4, 2017 at 8:20 pm

    I always enjoy seeing chinchillas when I go to the petshop to get supplies for my guinea pig! I always think they look so loveable. How cute that yours snuggle up together. Thanks for teaching me new things – I didn't know that they chewed through wires or lived for so long.


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