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I saw this tag a while back on one of my favourite blogs The July Journal. Readers of my blog will know I just had to take part. Writing out this tag made me realise how old I am so prepare yourself for a retro Lush product throwback down memory lane.

What was your first…

1. Lush Bath Bomb?
I must have had my first bath bomb back in 1998, maybe 1999? Yikes! I really cannot remember what it was but I do remember always buying Fox in the Flowers. It smelt amazing and I loved the amount of flower petals it left in the bath.
Yoga bath bomb, Lush
Yoga bath bomb, Lush
2. Lush Bubble Bar?
Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds. This one smelt so different to all the other products. It is still my favourite bubble bar to date.
3. Lush Massage Bar?
The first one I brought was Mange Too. I was sold on the lickable white chocolate fragrance. Why oh why was it discontinued?
4. Lush Kitchen Item?
Being the old Lushie that I am, I remember Lush Forum parties before the Kitchen opened. Once or twice a year you could vote for various scents to be turned into shower gels or perfumes. I voted and ended up buying my favourite fragrance as a perfume. Silky Underwear Perfume.
5. Lush Shower Gel/Cream?
I’m not too sure on this. It was either Happy Hippy or Flying Fox.
6. Lush Shower Jelly?
Needles and Pine was my first jelly. I remember seeing them when they were brand new and was sold on the forest aroma. I really wish they would bring this scent back but maybe as a gel rather than a jelly.
7. Lush Fresh Face Mask?
Brazened Honey. I don’t remember why I chose this one. I think I liked that it was exfoliating and smelt delicious.
8. Lush Bar of Soap?
Rock Star. I looooved the bright pink mega sweet smelling soap so had to try a piece. It smells a bit like Snow Fairy so a good substitute for the rest of the year.
A Lush haul
A Lush haul
What is your favourite…

1. Lush store?
Cardiff. I attended their VIP opening and fell in love instantly. I feel smug knowing that I am in Cardiff several times a week and can pop in for exclusive products that are normally only sold on Oxford St. Who needs hectic London when you have beautiful green Wales!
2. Lush Bath Bomb?
Don’t make me choose!!! It is not possible to pick just one. I have also found that as soon as I have a favourite, it gets discontinued. Right now, if I had to pick one non-limited edition bath bomb, it would probably be Avobath as I love the uplifting zest and earthiness of  it. An anti-depressant in the bath.
3. Lush Bubble Bar?
Once again it’s Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds. It is big enough to be used for at least 2 baths which is a massive plus. I also love the frankincense fragrance. It has been one of my favourite smells since having to attend mass in school. Knowing I can bath in the scent makes me very happy.
4. Lush Massage Bar?
Without question Soft Coeur. It smells like Honey I Washed The Kids. AKA. Amazing!! Buuut I am not a fan of the chocolate in the middle as it can make a lot of mess.
5. Lush Kitchen Item?
Definitely Avoshower. I already love the bath bomb so I was thrilled to see it had been made into a shower gel. Bliss in a bottle. This also appears relatively often in the Lush kitchen so I know I’ll be able to restock soon.
6. Lush Shower Gel?
My favourite was Glogg but it was a limited edition Christmas release. Spicy and delicious. Then my favourite was Comforter but alas, discontinued. Let’s hope Rose Jam stays for good as that is my current favourite.
7. Lush Shower Jelly?
I dislike shower jellys. Sorry! My partner loves them so sometimes I will steal a bit of Whoosh but I find I cannot apply them effectively to my body so would rather spend my money on a gel.
8. Lush Fresh Face Mask?
Brazened Honey is still my favourite. All the others I have tried seem to disappoint me. Maybe I am not easily pleased enough. Ha!
9. Lush Bar of Soap?
I like to have a bar of Bohemian laying around. I feel my hands are so clean and soft afterwards. It has a subtle lemon frangrance that isn’t over powering. I do want to try more soaps though and am looking forward to all the Christmas soaps.
10. What Lush products would you like to see come back/haven’t had a chance to try yet?
I would love to see Mrs Whippy come back permanently. So creamy and delightful. The same for Honey bee. Subtle and sweet. I actually did a post a while ago on my top 5 discontinued Lush products.

I am Tagging… Whoever wants to do this. Please send me links if you do do this as I’d love to check them out, especially other old school Lushies.

Helen x 

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